#IssaEATS: Chickapig & Kocco @ 8 Seas Food Park, Timog QC

I'll make this food review a bit quick and easy-to read! This focuses on Chickapig & Kocco from 8 Seas Food Park Adventure, located in Timog, QC. 
Entering the food park, you'll be amused not just with it's overall theme and design, but the fact that it has parking. There are also a variety of stalls to choose from, each having cuisines from around the world. There's Korean BBQ (299 for unli samgyup!), Filipino dishes, as well as American ribs and drinks. 

Kocco: Refreshing Drinks

Kocco obviously stands out as the only milk tea place in the park, and I like the cheap prices they roll out for their drinks! Besides that, they also have a little nook of their own, giving a warm and welcoming vibe (with outlets!) for friends or those who need to cool off and work in peace. 

Their drinks aren't top-notch, but they fare well for it's price. Where else can you get milk tea for less than 150 PHP a liter? It provides the sugar rush and creamy taste you want! 

Chickapig: Guilty Pleasure

Chickapig offers the indulgent dishes that have you feel guilty and filled after. From buffalo wings to bagnet, there's a reason the name stands. They've got food at budget prices but with portions good for one starving person or two people. 

I highly recommend that you get their Pulutan Platter (220 PHP), which is great for the whole group (bagnet, wings, nachos, and karaage). My favorites have to be the BBQ karaage (110 PHP) and bagnet (155 PHP) Just watch out for your cholesterol and blood pressure, though! 

Go For It?

Overall, 8 Seas Food Park Adventure still has room for improvement. Good design and idea, but hopefully their stalls' quality in food improve rather than stick with the same things we find in many food parks. I hope that in time, they still stick around and become an innovative food park that's far different from others. For now, I leave full and satisfied, but without that wow factor.

8 Seas Food Park Adventure

Address: 122 Timog Avenue Quezon City, Philippines 1103
Contact Number: 0933-642-6683


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