#IssaEATS: RBCity @ Maginhawa!

If there's one thing I love, it has GOT to be ribs. There's something about the tender, fall-off-the-bone, meaty, flavorful goodness that makes me want to just keep coming back for more. After all, it's protein, and protein is good for building muscles! 

I just got hungry thinking about ribs… What was I saying? Gosh.

Oh! I had the chance to review RBCity in Maginhawa, thanks to Aldous. ;)


#ISSAGOesPlaces: Hong Kong Day 1!

I'm so sad for not posting about Hong Kong sooner! It's almost been a month. I've been caught in a funk lately and have been either postponing my post or drowning in other assigned articles.

BUT, it's time to get back up and continue, unless I wanna keep on staying in this 'lil hellhole I call procrastination. So, without further ado...

Last February 23-26, I had the chance to go with my mom and sister to Hong Kong!


#ISSAEats: Black Wagyu @ Ayala at the 30th!

Long time no blog post! Been out and about since February started, and I couldn't squeeze in some time to blog! Huhu.

A few days after my trip to Hong Kong, I was invited by Aldous to try out Black Wagyu in Ayala at the 30th! So right after my class, I went immediately to try some premium Wagyu.


#IssaEATS: Bo's Cafe @ SM Light Mall!

I love coffee. I live off coffee. Hell, if you knew me well enough, you know I go through at least a cup a day or break down. As a writer and blogger always on the go, I usually either lack sleep or energy, and coffee is a delicious and low-calorie way to perk me up. It's the reason why I love cafe-hopping or visiting my usual cafe. To the point I knew the baristas and they know what I order. LOL.

But just recently, I grew tired of the usual, and by luck, Bo's opened! I've been there (or here, since I'm actually writing in Bo's right now) three times since they opened, with the third time stumbling into a coffee tasting event. My sick butt promised to rest today, but I couldn't resist joining and learning more about their coffee!


#ISSAEats: Sariwon @ BHS Central!

After my food tasting event in Grilla, my huge food baby and I went straight to BGC, where I met up with Aldous and other bloggers in Sariwon!