#ISSAEats: After All @ SM Jazz Mall!

If there's one place I haven't truly conquered (YET!), it would be Makati. Sure, there's Glorietta and Century City Mall, but since the place is huge and filled with a LOT of places to see, it's also difficult for me to move around!

But last Saturday night, I got a chance. And that chance was in After All at SM Jazz Mall. And based on that crispy pata, I have NO regrets (maybe a little bit for my waistline!).


Losing the Pounds of Fear and Hatred

When I tell people I lost weight; they don't expect me to say I lost over a third of my previous body weight. 

Losing almost 70 pounds is not the easiest feat, but it's a HUGE accomplishment that anyone can achieve. But what happened before I lost the pounds? Not a lot of people describe what they felt before making the change. They only talk about what they did to shed the pounds. Here's my story.


#OppoF3 Launch @ Conrad Manila!

I remember when I first saw my sister's F1s. I was VERY fascinated with the camera quality and its quick performance. It's similar to an iPhone with the freedom of an Android, which I really loved.

And just last May 4, Oppo released their newest model, the F3!


#IssaGOesPlaces: Singapore!

For my next destination, my sister and I headed off to Singapore! Thanks to our Tita and cousins, we stayed at their place and had a great time roaming around.

I spent a whole week in Singapore, which was ample time to explore the area. While my sister and I weren't able to see everything, we visited quite a lot and had the chance to experience the heat and eat EVERYTHING!


#IssaGOesPlaces: Macau!

The last leg of my trip: MACAU!

We left to go to Macau at around 1PM, so it was about an hour away from the Hong Kong ferry terminal (near Austin MTR). Once we arrived, we took a bus going to Parisian Macao Hotel. And everything was just beautiful from there. You can see an abundance of luxury hotels and malls, as if each establishment were trying to top the other (which I feel they were!). Once we arrived in Parisian, I just felt at awe.