#IssaEATS: Downtwn & Halsted @ BGC

I'm back and stuffing my face again (when have I never, though?)! And tonight, DWNTOWN & HALSTED welcomes us bloggers for a great experience.


Lessen the Tension Wherever You Are With Thrive: Feel Stress Free!

Stress is one major problem I have dealt with ever since… Ever! And as someone who tries to juggle work, school, family, and other personal matters, you can often find me giving up on the day and lying down, hoping for a better tomorrow. And while there are a lot of ways one can deal with stress, I still haven't found the right one for me (because stress/binge eating is a definite no-no, LOL). 

But that's when I found out about Thrive: Feel Stress Free!


My First Massage @ Antara Wellness Spa!

Quick fact: I have NEVER gotten a massage before. And after more than a year of working almost every day, I knew it was time for even just an hour of relaxation. And that's exactly what I got (and more!) from Antara Wellness Spa in Manila!


#IssaEATS: The Station Food Park @ Maginhawa!

Excuse my absence and blame it on work and asthma (which is, incidentally, due to stress from work LOL). 

Anyway, I took another trip to Maginhawa (Thanks, Aldous!), and this time a GASTRONOMICAL experience at The Station Food Park! There are tons of stalls to choose from, along with equally filling and delicious choices. Hard to choose which one to get, 'no? Well, let's cut to the chase and I'll be showing you my top 12 favorite dishes from The Station Food Park, Maginhawa.


#ISSAEats: After All @ SM Jazz Mall!

If there's one place I haven't truly conquered (YET!), it would be Makati. Sure, there's Glorietta and Century City Mall, but since the place is huge and filled with a LOT of places to see, it's also difficult for me to move around!

But last Saturday night, I got a chance. And that chance was in After All at SM Jazz Mall. And based on that crispy pata, I have NO regrets (maybe a little bit for my waistline!).