#IssaEATS: Abuela's @ Somerset Millenium, Makati!

Told you I'm exploring more cuisines as we speak! While I still haven't touched much of Indian (do suggest amazing restos because I would LOVE some spicy curry and samosas!), I'm glad to begin looking into more restaurants that take the step further into serving the sumptuous dishes without the hype.

One restaurant I commend (and am reviewing now!) is Abuela's, a simple and intimate Spanish-Filipino restaurant in Somerset Millenium.
Abuela is Spanish for grandmother, the restaurant name all owners coined up because of their traditional recipes made from... You guessed it right, their grandmothers! When you enter the warm-lit and intimate place, expect only fresh ingredients without any pre-packaged or preservative-filled fluff.

Though they have the Fil-Spanish tradition in mind when creating their dishes, they also play with modern trends and dishes that make it palatable for people of all ages. Here are my five favorite dishes I recommend you try out:

1. Bagnet with Thai Sauce

You can't expect me to have bagnet and not comment on it! Their Bagnet with Thai Sauce is a bestseller for a reason, and not just because of the delectable crunch. It's Ilocos-style bagnet that has the perfect lean meat-to-fat ratio, with a nice crunch without it being chewy. Pair it with the fragrant rice and traditional Kaffir lime sauce, which balances out the savouriness coming from the pork.

2. Bone Marrow with Truffled Chimichurri and Jam

As you can see, I went high-fat today. When you first see the Bone Marrow with Truffled Chimichurri and Jam, you may be overwhelmed. But you'll be surprised! Thanks to the truffled Chimichurri, you'll appreciate the fattiness without it being heart-popping. Also, the sweet jam was a great addition to the dish, which lessens the intensity after each indulgent bite.

3. Pilia Ligat

This is definitely one of my favorites, as it reminds me of my tita's delicious laing! The Pilia Ligat is a must-try for my fellow laing lovers, coming in a medley of fish and crab wrapped in gabi leaves. Simmered in coconut milk, you have a combination of sweet flavors and a hint of spice!

4. Abuela's Chicken Wings

Though it isn't spicy, I appreciated the flavors put into Abuela's Chicken Wings. It's Spanish-style chicken wings with color coming from the redness of paprika, yummy chorizo, and the slightly smoky olives. Way different from the typical chicken wings I have!

5. Mechado Stuffed with Iberico Chorizo

Last but not the least, we have the Mechado Stuffed with Iberico Chorizo. While I'm not a huge fan of mechado (what's the difference between caldereta, afritada, and mechado?), I did like this because of their use of tender beef and spicy chorizo, a melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Think of it as your typical mechado made with fine ingredients that leave you wanting more!

Oh, Sweet Beauty!

We can't forget about dessert! Their Molten Lava Cake is ideal for chocolate lovers, moist and filled with the chocolatey goodness.

Their Green Tea Cheesecake is one of the best cheesecakes I've had in a while. I may be saying this since I've been having mediocre cheesecakes (I'm sorry, local cafes I visit!), but I'm really in love after one bite. It's dense and creamy, with the slightly tart aftertaste from the cream cheese. However, I don't really taste the green tea flavor, it's more so on the appearance.

Anywho, I had a unique dining experience here at Abuela's! It's warm and homey, perfect for intimate dinners with your loved ones (or solo, no judgment #loveyourself). I would come back for both their bagnet and cheesecake (because as you know, bagnet and cheese is life)!


Address: Somerset Millennium Makati, 104 Aguirre, Legaspi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 805 2713
Facebook: Abuela's

Cheers to more food trips this coming June and July! I'll be a bit busier the next few weeks, but I'll make sure to put more time with my blog and more ideas.


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