I Haven't Blogged For Over A MONTH? Why?!

Hey guys! I'm sure you've noticed the huge gap between blog posts. It's been a very hectic month and a half, workwise. I haven't been able to find the time or energy to begin catching up on what I want and need to write. But I'm glad to say that I AM catching up with food and the people I love. :p

Anyway, on to my reason for the hiatus! Though I mention to many people I encounter about how much I love to blog and write, the truth is... I haven't found the time to do so. I've been fixated on work and only have time to do three things aside from that, which is to sleep, run, or eat.

The constant pressure and workload I put on myself have been affecting my mental health. This is a very broad and sensitive topic, but let's just say that I haven't been myself because of what I do and how I think. Which is why you don't find me posting about food trips, climbing, or enjoying the things I once gushed about before (but I still LOVE eating egg waffles and milk tea, LOL). 

This past month was filled with ups and downs. I'm still trying to get out of my comfort zone while lessening the work and tasks I assign myself to every day. Though not working is a trigger, it has made me feel lighter and gave me more time to get back on track. I'm enjoying my time with loved ones, I got back to reading, and most importantly, I'm back on here.

There will still be a couple of episodes and challenges I'll face along the way. But through learning about balance and breaking free from what I'm used to doing, I'm slowly repaving my way back to recovery. Finding yourself will never be easy, but through seeing the light in your family, friends, and the things you love doing, it will come. The first step is to get up and accept the love you deserve from yourself and the people around you. Trust me, it works. That, and having a cute doggo to dogsit.

At the moment, I am still shaky, but doing great, nonetheless. I'm preparing for the Christmas season and hope that it will be a memorable one. Also, I'm preparing more how-to posts and tips on adulting, so prepare for that!

Maybe I'll bring this up one day, but for now, I just want to send you updates on how I'm doing and share tips on how I'm staying healthy, physically and mentally! If you would like to know more or talk about mental health (or anything else!), then do send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. See you! :)


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