#IssaEATS: Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ @ Kapitolyo!

If there's one thing my heart yearn for (besides a trip abroad and to taste the bestest of the best ramen), it's got to be ribs. I mean, who doesn't like the fall-off-the-bone meaty goodness with the perfect barbecue blend and delicious sides to go with it? Okay, now I'm just getting hungry.

Well, my mom didn't have to complain about my protein intake, because I got a whole smorgasbord of ribs, sides, and drinks from Pitmaster's!

Pitmaster's is located in Kapitolyo, a rib place that stands out for its platters and flavored beer around the area. What started out as an ihawan became a smoking barbecue place, hence the name Pitmaster's Smokehouse. A home of smoked meats created by Chef Raffy and Ben Donato, you are assured a great time not only with their food, but friendly service and an ambiance meant for a night out with friends.

When you enter Pitmaster's, you are greeted with a comfy couch to wait for your table, with a clear view of the minibar and the spacious area meant for big groups of families and friends (no worries about elbowing fellow diners!). With posters, artworks, and even a huge TV among the wooden-themed interiors, it's a homey and candid vibe you can be comfortable to dine in.

Let's start off with the appetizers!

The Chicken Skin (145 PHP) is a crunchy treat drizzled with honey and barbecue sauce. While I appreciate the unique sweet and savory flavors, I find it a bit too sweet than crunchy and salty (which is what I LOVE about chicken skin!)

The Pulled Pork Rolls w/ Keson Puti (200 PHP) reminds me of my grandmother's cheesesticks with the delectable addition of pork, adding more flavor to the crunchy roll. Simple yet you'll keep getting one more!

Don't expect the Pit Caesar Salad to be the lightest option, because it comes with smoked bacon, a perfectly poached egg, and Caesar dressing that matches its crunchy leaves and croutons. But hey, if you wanna lie to yourself and say it's low in calories (like I do with my yoyo diets), then go ahead.

They also served two types of pizza. The Truffle pizza is my favorite of the two because of its rich and creamy flavor. The Smoked Bacon and Mushroom pizza is great as well, with both thin crust pizzas an ideal match to what's to come next!

FLAVORED BEERS! Mind you, I'm not a beer person, but Pitmaster's changed my perspective about the overly bitter bottles of beer I've had before (some of you know what I absolutely hate and love). They served Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, and Banana flavored beers (95 PHP), with the Brown Sugar Cinnamon winning first place because of its sweetness with only a twinge of the bitter taste left in my tongue (my heart already has enough of that, jk!). 

The champion goes to the Toasted Marshmallow flavor (110 PHP), though. It really tastes like what I've had during camping trips, sort of like an adult version of s'mores.

They also had red and white sangria (200 PHP), another fun choice which blends well together with the fruits. 

If you're not into alcohol for the night, then the House Blend Iced Tea (80 PHP) is there to quench your thirst!

Now on to the best part: The main course! We had the Pit Platter (1,500 PHP), which comes with five smoked specialties (pitmaster's smoked ribs, black Angus brisket, smoked bacon strips, smoked coriander chicken, pit smoked sausage), four regular sides of your choice, and a carafe of iced tea. It's good for four hungry people! 

The smoked ribs were full of flavor. Soft and fall-off-the-bone, I love the way they smoked it at the right time to achieve the ideal texture and with the right balance of smoky, barbecue flavor. I recommend you to eat it with any of the three sauces they have available, especially East Capitol for the balanced flavors of sweet and savory (Hazelnut and Apple are leaning towards that side).

I also kept getting the Black Angus Brisket, which was soft and literally melt-in-your-mouth fantastic. Make sure to pour sauce and its juices for optimum flavor and texture!

As for the sides, I would definitely recommend you to get the Kimchi (65 PHP), Chimchurri (60 PHP), or Pepper Rice (60 PHP). If you aren't feeling rice (gasp!), then the Garlic Parmesan Kamote Fries (95 PHP, Grilled Corn Cob (95 PHP), or the Plain Fries (75 PHP) are great choices for regular sides. If you want something healthy (aka lying to yourself again, jk), then you can opt for the Garlic Buttered French Beans (75 PHP).

They also serve premium sides, but they can only be served separately and isn't part of the choices for The Pit Platter. We tried the Truffle Pasta (180 PHP), Angus Meatball Pasta (180 PHP), and the 4-Cheese Mac n Cheese (140 PHP). They can also be eaten on its own for its portion size! I like the Angus Meatball Pasta the most, as it's a mix of Filipino-Italian style with a blend of sweet and sour. 

As for dessert, we had Manila Creamery (we meet again!), with the oddest flavors that work so well as ice cream. Tinutong Rice is the most interesting of the bunch, as it literally tastes like the burned rice my mom loves. But my favorite of the four would have to be Salted Caramel or Cereal Milk. Not too sweet and just right!

All in all, I had a blast in Pitmaster's. A perfect place to hangout with family or a group of friends over beer and indulgent smokes meats. I would come back here for the flavored beer alone! :P

Pitmaster's Smokehouse BBQ
Address: #64 East Capitol Drive Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact Numberas: (02) 616-9719 or (+63) 917-316-0255

You can also check them out on Facebook or Instagram!


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