Lessen the Tension Wherever You Are With Thrive: Feel Stress Free!

Stress is one major problem I have dealt with ever since… Ever! And as someone who tries to juggle work, school, family, and other personal matters, you can often find me giving up on the day and lying down, hoping for a better tomorrow. And while there are a lot of ways one can deal with stress, I still haven't found the right one for me (because stress/binge eating is a definite no-no, LOL). 

But that's when I found out about Thrive: Feel Stress Free!

Thrive: Feel Stress Free is a free app you can download, with tons of features anyone can take advantage of to get relieve any heavy feeling during hectic days at work or school.

The app has a mood monitor and various techniques to follow so I can learn to find ways how to deal with my stressors. It also has games to distract my mind and ease into a better place to get me ready for the workload ahead. Huge plus points for meditation and breathing exercises I can do WITHOUT judgment or having to go to a specific center. I can open the app anytime and anywhere, so no need to scroll through Facebook when bored or during a writing break, LOL.

My favorite would have to be meditation and breathing exercises. I also love Self-Suggest, which has me linking different statements and words that calm me down. It has me learn that you don't fully depend on anyone/thing to "heal" you, but you should work on finding your stressors and knowing what can help you out.

From the bright beach background to the soothing music and voices, the whole app is excellent and is slowly releasing the worries and stress away. I can't say it's a miracle worker, but it's a nice start compared to my previous ways to keep up with my anxiety (and some people know what I do during these times!). 

While the app is free, there is a paid subscription to avail the complete features. And trust me when I say it's worth it. It keeps my stress under control and relieved, similar to what I felt after my massage at Antara!

Instead of a dull app or games/social media that build tension (the latter makes me boil sometimes haha), I recommend Thrive: Feel Stress Free for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, or for those who want to prevent it. I wish you luck! :) 


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