#IssaEATS: Downtwn & Halsted @ BGC

I'm back and stuffing my face again (when have I never, though?)! And tonight, DWNTOWN & HALSTED welcomes us bloggers for a great experience.

Downtown and Halsted, stylized DWNTOWN & HALSTED, is a unique restobar amongst the many other food places around BGC. Once you enter, you are welcomed with a bar and bistro vibe, along with a creative side filled with paintings and works of art on the walls.

With popular street artists who have decorated the area, as well as artworks features (and for sale!), artists are given a chance to showcase their work while diners enjoy the food and drinks the place has to offer. ALSO, they have wifi, live music, outdoor seating (also a smoking area), and parking nearby. Basically, everything you want in a restaurant. :p

Chef Marco Legasto conceptualized the menu, while mixologist Jason Gray created fresh and unique cocktail blends to perfectly pair the sumptuous dishes. 

Now, on to the good stuff!

The East Side Elevation (350 PHP) and Ungave Gin and Tonic are refreshing cocktails that give you just the right buzz without the bitter taste. 

Perfectly blended with a hint of spice, these two drinks were perfect pairings with the sumptuous dishes to follow.

We started the dinner with Mushroom Soup (250 PHP). Creamy and reminds me of home.

The Tikka Wrap (240 PHP) was perfectly spicy with the ideal meat:vegetable ratio.

The Portobello and Quinoa Salad (250 PHP) was interesting. I can't quite describe the texture, though it's something new and healthy to try! 

For those who are into seafood, I also recommend the Spiced Black Mussels with Fresh Chili and Curry Leaves. A spicy twist to the tahong I'm used to!

Of all the three skewers we tried, my favorite would be the lengua skewers (250 PHP), which was tender and flavorful every bite. The Chicken and Pork Skewers (150 PHP each) were also delicious (use the dip for lengua skewers for the pork- tastes waaay better together!).

The Crispy Pork Knuckles (580 PHP) is the true winner here. I mean, when isn't crispy meat a champion in my book? Fatty, crunchy, indulgent… I can NOT say enough about this. Every bite was a guilty pleasure I will savor until my next visit.

Just like the Crispy Pork Knuckles, the Baby Back Ribs is delicious to the bone. I dug into it with relish, giving up and using my fingers (because food like these need to be eaten with hands, especially when it's that good!).

The Seafood Pasta (350 PHP) and Chorizo Pasta (385 PHP) are my new favorite cream-based pasta dishes. 

Not too creamy but you still taste the sweet and savory flavor while the pasta was perfectly cooked, not too soggy and al dente. I recommend that you share it, though!

They do not have the Choco-PB Cheesecake on the menu YET, but this is a must-try and I would definitely eat a whole slice (or just the whole cake).

A unique and casual interior with good food and drinks, this neighborhood hangout spot is perfect for a lunch with coworkers or night out with friends! You can visit DWNTOWN & HALSTED or contact them for reservations here:

Address: G/F Burgos Parklane, Forbestown Road, BGC
Contact Number: 0977-787-2406
Facebook Page: Downtown and Halsted

Thank you to DWNTOWN & HALSTED for having us! Cheers and see you soon!


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