#OppoF3 Launch @ Conrad Manila!

I remember when I first saw my sister's F1s. I was VERY fascinated with the camera quality and its quick performance. It's similar to an iPhone with the freedom of an Android, which I really loved.

And just last May 4, Oppo released their newest model, the F3!
Held in Conrad Manila, the debut was hosted by Gretchen Ho and began with a sumptuous dinner, followed by talks given by Oppo's very own leaders and creators of the F3.

After, Sarah Geronimo, the brand ambassador of Oppo, performed a few songs before the fashion show, also when the F3 was officially released with its newest brand ambassador Alden Richards.

A-list celebrities and social media influencers graced the stage, showing the crowd what the Oppo F3 looks like and the advanced features it has to offer. Jazmine Curtis-Smith, Ella Cruz, Kris Bernal, Jeron Teng, and much more went up the stage to showcase the sleek beauty of Oppo's newest model.

The whole night was definitely a blast, and I even got to try out the Oppo F3 myself after the event (but unfortunately didn't get a photo with their new ambassador!).

On to the Oppo F3. When I first held it, it was as if I were just carrying a light, thin notepad. It was lightweight and in the ideal size where I could comfortably grip it. It's the slimmest phone of Oppo yet (7.3 millimeters!), so don't expect bulkiness while bringing it along with you.

The screen was big and vivid. Its 5.5-inch screen still showed crisp imagery despite the bright lights glaring. It was also free from scratches and smudges, despite the many people who have probably held the phone before I did!

The performance was quick and efficient, but the one thing I want to comment on would be its camera. Just like the F1s, it was VERY clear. But what makes it different is its wide-angle and dual camera selfie. Not only can up to ten people fit into one selfie, but I can also take two shots in one go. And these camera features are something I definitely want in a phone.

Known as the Group Selfie Expert, it will start its sales on May 13 at a starting price of 16,990 PHP. BUT, you can pre-order it now on their official website. If you want to find out more about the Oppo F3 and where you can purchase it, you can also visit their Facebook page.

My eyes are on the Oppo F3 this year, and I'm sure it will be a very popular phone that come with advanced features without the hefty price tag! ;)


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