Losing the Pounds of Fear and Hatred

When I tell people I lost weight; they don't expect me to say I lost over a third of my previous body weight. 

Losing almost 70 pounds is not the easiest feat, but it's a HUGE accomplishment that anyone can achieve. But what happened before I lost the pounds? Not a lot of people describe what they felt before making the change. They only talk about what they did to shed the pounds. Here's my story.

For me, before losing weight, I was afraid.

Yes, I was too scared to make the RIGHT decision in losing weight. Why? Because of the torment, I received from certain people back in school. I thought the idea of me losing weight was IMPOSSIBLE, that I suffered from some illness and I must accept my fate.

Losing weight didn't only mean losing pounds. It also meant to lose that fear and hatred in myself, to embrace change not only with the body I had before but with my mindset as well.

It meant weeks of constant reassurance from MYSELF, to dismiss all the snide comments I received in order to embrace the love I had for myself to become healthier.

I tell people I lost weight for prom, when in fact, I lost weight because of ME. Comments spurred me on, while my acceptance and decisions were what made me who I am today.

Sure, I can tell you how to exercise and eat. But it isn't only about your food and exercise. I want you to know that when choosing the path of fitness, you also choose the path of greatness, where you accept yourself. And I believe that through loving yourself no matter where you are in the world is the most important form of acceptance one can receive.

To be afraid is normal, but to move forward is the real battle. I urge you to fight the negativity and fear, the judgment and hatred. Start off your changes slowly and give it some time. You'll soon realize that the scary changes were so worth it.


  1. This is so inspiring. I need this right now. Ever since, I was a fat kid (well till now). I have to lose weight because of my hormonal imbalance. Yeah, it isn't easy. It's almost a year since I started to lose some weight. Sometimes it frustrates me because I'm losing so slow. I lost the discipline I had when I started dieting. This post is what I need to get back on track. To do it for myself and for my health. Thank you!



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