#IssaGOesPlaces: Macau!

The last leg of my trip: MACAU!

We left to go to Macau at around 1PM, so it was about an hour away from the Hong Kong ferry terminal (near Austin MTR). Once we arrived, we took a bus going to Parisian Macao Hotel. And everything was just beautiful from there. You can see an abundance of luxury hotels and malls, as if each establishment were trying to top the other (which I feel they were!). Once we arrived in Parisian, I just felt at awe.

From the grand entrance to the fine architecture, you can definitely see they put a lot of work into the building (hence, the expensive prices, haha!). We first had lunch in the food court, with average food (yes, I miss the Chinese place in Tsuen Wan station!). Take note that even if you don't have Macanese Patacas with you on hand, you can still use HK dollars (but no change, though!).

After exploring the different hotels and malls nearby, we took a bus going to the peninsula, walking straight to the Senado Square Area. Now THIS is my favorite part!

We got to Senado Square Area, where we were welcomed with a TON of tourists and locals alike, purchasing either souvenirs or food. There was a TON of food, ranging from beef jerky down to cookies and biscuits. You could find everything here. And the best part? FREE TASTE! I got to try everything and without conscience. I loved all the cookies, tasting everything and purchasing some things to bring home (maybe I did feel a bit guilty from all the free tasting, LOL).

Oh, I still got my fix of egg waffles and egg tarts. It's a must-try!

After buying our souvenirs, taking a few photos, and visiting the Ruins of St. Paul's, it was time to go home (departure was around 7:30PM). But the question was: HOW?!

By that time it was 6PM and we were still looking for a way to go home. We ended up walking everywhere, confused and asking. It was 6:30PM already and we were still lost and frantic, since we needed to be there 15 minutes before departure time. Fortunately, we finally found a taxi that took us to the terminal and we made it by 7PM. We used the remaining 15 minutes to roam around the terminal, then went on our way back to Hong Kong to pack up and go home (AWW).

And that sums up our trip! I do wish we had more time to spend in Macau (and even HK!), but I have a feeling I'll be coming back in the near future.

Next destination? Singapore. Watch out for another #IssaGOesPlaces post! ;)


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