#FundrxGAP: GAPalooza!

Last April 29, I was invited to attend the GAPalooza, an event organized by Fundr and CustomThread!

It was DEFINITELY an afternoon to remember, as there was a lot of food, music, drinks, and good company. 

But before all that, I want to talk about CustomThread and Fundr, because the moment I went inside their office, I was astounded as to how they really made their office space with a mix of work and fun.

They have the fun vibe that focuses more on innovation on shirt production. It isn't JUST about producing shirts, but to offer awesome and creative designs. They have been working with big corporations such as Starbucks, or local band merch like Itchyworms! 

How they produce both quality shirts and designs? That's where Fundr comes in, which is a platform where local graphic artists can submit their work for potential clients to view and purchase. Depending on the price the graphic artist posts, the client would purchase either one to hundreds of pieces for their personal or business use, and it's CustomThread's turn to produce them.

They can produce jerseys,

Printed/painted shirts,

Or even embroidered tops!

They offer a lot of customization and production at friendly prices, also aiming towards student organizations. 

Another plus for their company would be its vibrant atmosphere (they've got a bar and arcade!) and cool employees, like their PR Directors here. :P

They had talks about marketing and I liked how they focused on social media marketing, because in all honesty, I believe that it's eCommerce and online businesses booming. So there are two main things I learned: Facebook posts and ads are actually a VERY good investment as compared to advertising in other platforms. AND do NOT be scared to take the plunge and make a change, following your passion and hobbies. Seems like someone I know. ;)

They had an open bar and a lot of food, thanks to Chatime, Nacho Bimby, Smoking J's, Six Eagles Nest Food Inc, and drinks from Somersby, Destileria Limtuaco & Co, Inc, and more!

There was also music by Itchyworms, Tom's Story, Brisom, and a lot of more music! Unfortunately couldn't watch the whole lineup as I needed to leave early. But awesome performances by Itcy worms and Tom's Story, I hope to see them in gigs soon. ;)

All in all, I had such a great time! And I know where to go to if I plan to start producing tops for Skyline Rockets (which MAY happen soon, ya never know!). Thanks to Fundr and CustomThreads for having me! :) 


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