#IssaGOesPlaces: Kowloon, Hong Kong!

Day 3 of our HK trip: Kowloon

Now, Tsim Sha Tsui is like Manila, near almost everything and perfect for the traveler who craves for modern culture (like me!). You can find a lot of affordable hostels and hotels around here (including Peninsula!). While the hostels are small (still not over my bad experience), they are ideal for backpackers who only need a place to sleep in.

On to our very long walk around the area!

Like what I said, it's near everything, so we walked around everywhere until our feet were aching and dead (kidding, but you get what I mean!).

Once we arrived in Tsim Sha Tsui, we were starving. I suggested to go back to Chungking Mansions, which wafted of delicious Indian food. The area is quite nice during the afternoon, as you are welcomed by a lot of food and people inviting you in for a taste of what they have to offer. We went in one place and tried their chicken biryani, curry, basmati rice, and a samosa.

At a cheap price, everything was huge and good for three people! We were stuffed and satisfied with our share of Indian cuisine, so we trotted off with more energy, bracing the cold.

We walked all around until we stopped by 1881 Heritage. They have got a grand shopping mall and a stage set up where we took photos. It reminded me of Venice Piazza in BHS, but cleaner, less crowded, and a bit more luxurious.

We then walked to the bay area where the ships going from Kowloon to Central were. We had an ice cream break (yes, an ice cream break [which was 10 HKD] in 12 degree weather) and sat down to rest our feet and warm our hands. After about 10 minutes of convincing ourselves we were still alive, we set out to walk towards Kowloon Park. 

We also took a break in McDonald's before we reached the park. How come McDonald's seems more enticing when hungry and in another country?! And yes, I had more ice cream.

Once we reached Kowloon Park, I was astounded with how clean and well-maintained it was. Everything was clean, it was quiet, and we even saw flamingoes! Just watch out for some people who walk towards you and ask about your stay. Some may be nice, some have other plans (yeeks!).

We then crossed the bridge going to the mall where you can order tickets going to Macau. We ordered our tickets for the next day (It's HKD328 during weekdays and HKD354 during weekends, round trip). After warming our hands (again) and roaming around, we went on our way to WALK going to the Temple Street Night Market.

Thanks to Google Maps, we found our way going to Temple Street, where we found EVERYTHING. And, look who we met while on the way! My dreams came true as I now got to pet (or almost cuddle and cry) a cat named Suzie!

Tip for those shopping in night markets: Look, but try not to seem too eager. Some of the sellers can be very pushy (but nice!), trying to let you buy some of their merchandise. Also, don't purchase it at the first price they give you. Wager until you meet halfway. Most times, they can give up to 70% off their original price!

You'll find a lot of things sold in Temple Night Market. They have souvenirs such as keychains, scrolls, magnets, mugs, shirts, while you can also find bags and stuffed toys as well.

We bought some souvenirs (They range from 5HKD to 100HKD, depending on what you buy) and went off for dinner. We decided to go back to Tsuen Wan using the MTR station. We ate in the usual Chinese restaurant we had the past two days (It's THAT addicting guys! Their dishes for 2-3 cost only 45 HKD), then proceeded to go home, where we rested our feet and conked out.

And that's day 3 of our trip! Next up: Macau!


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