#IssaGOesPlaces: HK Disneyland!

Now, onto the second day of my Hong Kong trip: DISNEYLAND!

I'll spare you from all the dreary details and blunders I went through (a lot of tripping and me acting like an excited 3-year-old). This blog post will center around some tips to follow or what rides you'll want to try when out in Disneyland for the whole day! 

Yes, you're challenged to try ALL the rides. But if you're anyone like me (Not fond of lines and getting easily nauseous), then you'll want to skip some of the rides and go to the ones that are absolutely worth it!

We took the shuttle from the hotel to Tsuen Wan station, then taking interconnecting trains going to Disneyland! It was super easy, and the train ride was absolutely awesome.

Once we got in Disneyland, we got our tickets (Thanks to discounted tickets online!), got a map, and began to explore.

HK Disneyland has seven main areas: Main Street, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Toy Story Land, Tomorrowland, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch. While you might want to ride EVERYTHING, I picked out the must-tries to avoid wasting time in long lines (Try going here during off-peak season, as it only takes more or less 15 minutes to wait for a ride during this time!).


Rafts to Tarzan's Treehouse and Tarzan's Treehouse is currently closed (BOO), but do try the Jungle River Cruise! It's perfect for children.

The Festival of The Lion King is a must watch as well. Lots of dancing and singing, it was amazing. Their shows are at 12:00PM, 2PM, 4:30PM, and 6PM.


Cinderella Carousel is always worth it to bring out the princess in you. Sadly, no unicorns!
Another must is "It's a Small World", because no trip to Disneyland is complete without it.
Fairy Tale Forest and Fantasy Gardens are beautiful as well, plus there are no lines!

Grizzly Gulch:

Take photos around the Geyser Gulch and ride the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.

The latter isn't the most terrifying, but it's definitely something you'll scream in! Watch out for their shows and dances as well.

Mystic Point:

The Mystic Manor is absolutely amazing. The animation and effects they put into it makes it a thrilling must-see. Also, I LOVE their restaurant here because fo the wide array of choices and big portion sizes of food.


Hyperspace Mountain is a YES! Not the scariest roller coaster I've been on, but the darkness makes it pretty scary since you don't know what will happen next.

The Iron Man Experience is another attraction you'll appreciate. You'll really feel as if you were with Iron Man saving the world. Take note that it may trigger vertigo.

Toy Story Land

The RC Racer was the first one we rode, and we have no regrets (maybe my sister does, but LOL). It was super fun and will really make your stomach turn.

The Toy Soldier Parachute Drop is also pretty cool. My mom even rode with us and we were LOL-ing at her face every time we dropped!


At 7:30PM, we attended the Disney Paint the Night parade, which was BEAUTIFUL! I got to bring out the excited child in me as I watched all my favorite characters in beautiful lights and music.

We waited to watch the Disney In The Stars Fireworks at 8:30PM, which was another spectacular show. The Castle came to life with a lot of explosive and colorful fireworks I couldn't help but wow on. 

A few tips when in Disneyland:

1. I went there when it was close to 10 degrees, so I was freezing (despite the layers!). So check the weather and prepare clothes for it! If you're expecting hot to 'normal' weather, then pack in extra clothes and a small towel. If it'll be cold, then wear a LOT of layers. And I mean a LOT of THICK layers.

2. While food and drinks aren't allowed, they don't really check your bags or will let you go when bringing a water bottle or biscuits. I recommend you bring a water bottle or two because it's hella expensive when buying it in Disneyland!

3. Purchase discounted tickets online! It definitely saves you the hassle of lining up and getting your ticket. Plus, many of them come with meal vouchers, saving you an extra 100-150HKD! Discounted tickets with meal vouchers are 589HKD. https://www.hongkongdisneyland.com/offers-discounts/play-dine-intl/

4. Get ready to walk or run a lot. Use rubber shoes and wear comfy clothes. Pack in extra slippers if you can!

5. Get a map and make a plan on what areas to go to and the rides you'll be going on. Spontaneity is cool, but it also wastes time and becomes confusing after.

6. Things won't always go your way when making a plan, so just be happy and enjoy whatever change or shift in the schedule! It's Disneyland, you have a whole day of fun.

7. Attend the parades! They are SO worth it. Also, try to catch your favorite Disney characters around Disneyland (they set marks on the map, but not the exact times). They're out roaming until 5PM and there are limits as to how many people can take photos with them. 

The experience is SO worth it and made me want to visit ALL the Disneylands around the world! New goal. ;)


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