#IssaEATS: Halal Kabab Express @ The Yard Underground, Pasig!

Part two of my The Yard food trip: Halal Kabab Express.

If any of you knew me, I am not the most familiar with Persian cuisine. So thanks to Aldous, I decided to give Halal Kabab Express a try.
Headed by a group of chefs, they started out in The Yard Katipunan and are slowly heading on to bigger branches around Manila. They are a certified halal-friendly food place that offer delicious Persian cuisine for individuals and groups of family or friends!

We tried the Chicken Biryani with Basmati Rice, which I really liked. The chicken was roasted right and was tender, easy to eat. I tasted a hint of spice, not too much to overpower, but just right for the Filipino palate.

We also got to try the Celo Kabab Bubiden and Chicken Morgh Kabab, which are beef and chicken, respectively. They came with Persian rice and crispy salad toppings. The meat was not tough, and like the chicken, had a balanced flavor to it. Paired with the rice and sauces, it makes a nice combination.

My favorite would have to be one of their newer dishes, which is the Persian breaded fried chicken with Basmati rice. I love the crunch. It was well-breaded with a nice portion of chicken inside, unlike other food places that would usually have 90% batter, 10% meat!

We got to try their spicy sauce, which was definitely a favorite for me. I loved how it's seriously spicy, as compared to other places that only offer "spicy" yet mild sauces. 

My favorite would be their yogurt sauce. While it isn't very creamy in consistency, it offers a mix of sweet, tangy, and even savory flavor. The tomato salsa sauce is good as well, but I prefer the former!

I love the fact that their serving sizes are huge for its price and quality. It's good for two people! If you're with a huge group of friends and are extremely hungry, then go for the group meals, which will leave you and your friends stuffed!

You can visit them in both The Yard @ Pasig or their Katipuann branch in Regis Building.
Contact them through Facebook or their official website.

They can also do deliveries around Pasig or QC through FoodPanda!


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