#IssaEATS: The Good Tapa @ The Yard Underground, Pasig!

Long time no blog! I'm sorry about that. But now I'm back and expect more blog posts about my recent trips to HK and SG!

But for now, let's talk about The Yard and some good eats I got to taste. Most specifically The Good Tapa.

The Good Tapa created by Monique and Geremy. It started off with bazaars, heading on to food parks. Why tapa? They have shared good (and bad!) memories visiting small establishments that sold their favorite dish, the tapsilog. They also added Geremy's original salpicao recipe, which he cooked and personally deliver to Monique during their courtship days!

Instead of having to go around town looking for your favorite comfort food during the late night, you can visit their stall for your yummy tapa fix. And then have dessert after, or try out the other stalls! :p

We got to try three of their dishes: Their beef tapa, beef salpicao, and their tapa wrap.
You can choose between three sizes: The regular, hungry, and the STARVING! Just the regular bowl is already filling enough, while the starving is big enough for one ravenous person, or two people. 

You also have the choice of chicken, beef or pork, even choosing between three types of eggs to pair it with: Scrambled, sunny side up, or CHEESY!

What I like about their beef tapa would be how sweet and savory it is. Paired with a cheesy egg (YES, a sunny side up mixed with cheese!), I get the balanced flavors that do not overpower.

Their beef salpicao is well-cooked and tender. It's a bit salty so I would recommend that you have it with their scrambled egg.

As for their tapa wrap, I LOVE the sauce. It's similar to a creamy garlic yogurt sauce. Sweet and compliments the salty tapa. it has a soft crunch to it, making it my favorite of the three.

You can visit their stall @ The Yard Underground (in Oranbo, Pasig), or you can contact them via:

Contact number: 0917-522-6892


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