#IssaEATS: Carnivore Cookery and Phat Boys @ The Yard Underground, Pasig!

Last but not the least, Part 3 of my food trip at The Yard Underground!

I'll be reviewing two stalls this time: Carnivore Cookery and my new favorite, Phat Boys.

What we tried in Carnivore Cookery was their smoked pork belly and rice. Don't let the price discourage you from purchasing it, as it's DEFINITELY worth it! It's a good sharing of 12 HOUR smoked pork belly that's tender and juicy. It's melt-in-your-mouth goodness that will leave you wanting more. While it's a bit salty, the neutral flavor of the rice and coleslaw help balance it out.

Next up was dessert in Phat Boys. And let me cut to the chase: They have the best ice cream sandwiches I've ever tasted.

They use their original cookie recipes. You can choose between chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and the snickerdoodle. They also have eight flavors of ice cream and an abundance of toppings to choose from. And I'm telling you it's worth the price! 

They started off with ice cream sandwiches as a more unique approach to the dessert. Instead of the usual bread or wafers, they use delicious and indulgent cookies straight from the oven! I love the concept of hip hop meets dessert, using cool names for their line of desserts.

We tried their Pretty Ricky and The OG, which were both finished by yours truly.

The OG is made out of both chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies. Sandwiched inside is vanilla ice cream topped with nuts and chocolate chips. What I loved? Everything. The sweetness of it all made me feel so hyper. I like that they put together vanilla ice cream and nuts to help balance out the sweetness. While it wasn't too sweet, it put me in hyper mode (which is an awesome thing).

The Pretty Ricky was what I polished off. Strawberry ice cream sandwiched between snickerdoodle and double chocolate cookies and topped with fruity pebbles? Talk about my version of pink and colorful unicorn heaven. The snickerdoodle is actually made with cinnamon, which I loved. I felt like I was eating my usual breakfast because of the fruity pebbles, bringing me back to my high school days. 

All in all? An experience that's DEFINITELY worth it! Will I come back to The Yard Underground? YES, and with recruitments to indulge with me.

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