#IssaEATS: RBCity @ Maginhawa!

If there's one thing I love, it has GOT to be ribs. There's something about the tender, fall-off-the-bone, meaty, flavorful goodness that makes me want to just keep coming back for more. After all, it's protein, and protein is good for building muscles! 

I just got hungry thinking about ribs… What was I saying? Gosh.

Oh! I had the chance to review RBCity in Maginhawa, thanks to Aldous. ;)

So RBCity is situated in the middle of Maginhawa, inside a building beside a cafe. While you might think space is small, you'll be surprised that it's quite spacious and even has another level to accommodate more customers.

Entering RBCity, I was greeted by friendly staff and seated (I was the earliest). As I waited, I played with their lego pieces and scanned the menu (By the way, nice touch on the lego pieces, since it distracts better than only using my phone/social media). 

Once we were complete, the food was ordered and let me tell you: They are HUGE servings! They created a new menu, now with lesser dishes and focusing on their bestsellers for better and easier food choices (perfect for me, the picky eater!)

We started off with the Dynamites. These were a bit sour (probably from the cheese). And don't worry as it isn't spicy. I liked the crunch, but I found it a bit too sour, with the flavor intensifying with the salsa sauce.

Next were the Not Just Nachos, topped with rib shreds, salsa, and cheese. All I can say is YUM. The rib shreds made a very nice topping and mixed with the cheese, it had a nice combination of crunch and tender meat. Plus, I love how filling it is.

Their Shack+ arrived, which was over 12 pieces of chicken wings. I wasn't fond of their gravy, but the chicken wings tasted awesome on its own. I LOVED how crunchy it was! Like, it would literally crunch every time I took a bite. The meat is juicy and needs no sauce or what.

And the moment I've been waiting for: Their RIBS. I was wowed as to how big it was. It was ideal for 8-10 hungry people. It was tender, easy to cut off (aka chew LOL) from the bone, and the right amount of marinade and seasoning that made me keep getting more. It's definitely my favorite of all the dishes we tried (second would be the nachos, and then dessert!).

They have eight side dishes to choose from Pesto Pasta, Corn Cobette and Veg, Coleslaw, Garlic Mushrooms, Thin Fries, Mashed 'Tato, Potato Salad, and CTY Rice. I would definitely recommend any of these:

  • Thin Fries for those who LOVE sour cream flavored fries.
  • CTY Rice for rice lovers (because who can eat ribs without rice?!). If yes (who are you?), then I would pair it with the creamy Mashed 'Tato, Pesto Pasta, or Garlic Mushrooms.
  • Their Potato Salad was surprisingly good. I'm not a fan of potato salad, but I liked its sour and savory flavors. Not much mayonnaise, which I like).

Next off was dessert!

We had a White Toblerone and Queso de Bola Cheesecake. I really liked how thick the cheesecake was. It had no air, and its presentation was appealing. It's an original recipe that I do appreciate, but I feel like the cheese used was strong and a tad saltier than what I'm used to. Both tasted the same, but I preferred the sweeter White Toblerone.

The Brownie a la Mode was delicious! I love how rich and moist the brownie is. You can see the warm chocolate oozing out of the brownie. Pair it with cold vanilla ice cream, and YUM. I now have more love for these kinds of desserts. 

All in all, I enjoyed my dinner at RBCity. Huge portions of quality ribs, crunchy wings, and sweet dessert. I would definitely recommend you to try out their PERMANENT promo: Unli ribs, tempura, and side dishes! All that for just 460 PHP. I'm probably going to ready my stomach for that, LOL.


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