#ISSAEats: Black Wagyu @ Ayala at the 30th!

Long time no blog post! Been out and about since February started, and I couldn't squeeze in some time to blog! Huhu.

A few days after my trip to Hong Kong, I was invited by Aldous to try out Black Wagyu in Ayala at the 30th! So right after my class, I went immediately to try some premium Wagyu.
When I think of Wagyu, I think... $$$. Not only is it imported, but made out of quality meat that I only find in elite restaurants. But with Black Wagyu, they offer premium beef without the hefty price tag!

One stick (four cubes) is only 100 PHP. It's cooked medium rare and you can definitely taste the premium flavors of the juicy Wagyu. I love that there are no added oils or what, just the sweet and spicy seasonings they add after cooking.

They also offer it with rice, which costs 150 PHP. I would recommend you to get the rice 'meal', as it's both filling and delicious when paired together.

They also have a new concept, which is the Wagyu sandwich. It's still in the works, though! Using focaccia bread and a heaping serving of Wagyu steak, it looks like it will be more delicious with more toppings, like cheese!

Black Wagyu also caters to events, bringing their cart around Metro Manila. Their rates are 8,000 PHP for 80 pax, 10,000 PHP for 100 pax, and 15,000 PHP for 150 pax. Each person gets one stick of their Wagyu. 

You can also purchase frozen Wagyu at 1,400 PHP for 1kg (more than a hundred cubes) and premium sirloin at 650 PHP per 100 grams. it's great for cooking at home, or to gift to others!

They are usually in Ayala at the 30th (soon in UP Town Center) with their pop-up cart twice a week, but they are also hoping to expand around Makati area with a permanent stall.

All in all, a great experience! Thank you, Black Wagyu! ;)


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