#IssaGOesPlaces: KL Serviced Residences @ Makati!

After my very bad (yet delicious!) cheat meals, I had a mini staycation in KL Residences with three other bloggers (Thanks, Aldous!).

KL Tower Residences is part of Hospitality Innovators Inc, which manages properties such as hotels, condormitels, and serviced residences (like KL!). KL was established in 2014, owned by the kalaw-Ledesma family (Hence, the name KL). Since it's nestled in the business center of Makati, they cater to corporate professionals and foreigners in town for business or vacation. There are a mix of residences and guests, as well as those who rent out for long-term. With 100 rooms in total, you can find one suitable for you, your family, or group of friends or workmates. They offer studio up to two bedroom units great for four people or more. 

Another plus would be that Apartment 1B is downstairs, where they also serve breakfast. It's great for the health-conscious, as they serve a lot of nutritious and delicious food. I didn't get to try the food from Apartment 1B, but considering it's healthy and the ambiance looks SO bright and warm, I might come back for it!

Since we arrived at 10PM, we went straight to the room to rest up. Or in my case, to write until 3AM.

Entering the unit, I was wowed by its size. For a one-bedroom deluxe, it would definitely fit up to four people easily. There was a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, as well as two bathrooms with a washing machine. Oh, and an office/study area with a desk and drawer for those who want to work in peace. It's got everything for a long-term stay! It has a modern ambiance, with a nice balance of dark and bright colors. It definitely blends in the morning, when the sunlight hits.

There are separate balconies in the living room and bedroom, where you can enjoy the nice view of Makati, as well as Legaspi Park. You will need to ask room service to unlock the doors, though (for safety).

You're welcomed with complimentary breakfast (for two), as well as local mango flavored chocolates (YES!!). They even have free tea and coffee. Definitely plus points for service and amenities.

I slept peacefully without waking up during random times (thanks, insomnia). The bed was very comfortable and I woke up the latest, LOL. Warm, thick blankets, soft pillows on an equally soft bed? It was basically heaven. 

I had my morning coffee and went down to work by the pool. I couldn't try their amenities because of the monthly visitor (BOO being a woman sometimes, JK!), so I just relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet by the pool. It was a Sunday morning well-spent.

My lil stay cation was definitely a nice one! They had speedy WiFi, nice furniture, a VERY comfy bed and clean rooms (appreciate the bathroom, especially since I'm particular with those!). Thank you to KL!  I recommend them for any kind of stay! With affordable rates per night (and a weekend promo), it makes for a comfortable getaway from work.


  1. Sayang you weren't able to try the pool, gym and sauna, Issa. They were very nice. :)


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