#ISSAEats: Skippy's in Forum, BGC!

Long time no blog about FOOD! Beginning to miss it (So is my growing waistline, LOL!)
So, fellow blogger friends and I celebrated Australia Day in Skippy's Bar & Grill in BGC last January 26!

Skippy's is an Australian bar, known for their longest happy hours (80 PHP on cocktails?!?) and Australian dishes fused with Filipino cuisine. It's your typical bar with lots of drinks, great company, and even a pool table. They even have a television that offers a host of channels either from AU or the PH, and a band that plays almost every night. It's definitely loud, and while it isn't the best place to chill and catch up with friends, it's somewhere you can go all out and make new ones (like what I said, the LONGEST happy hour!)

We started off with a few drinks. I got a cocktail called "Down Under", containing tequila, vodka, gin, Blue Curaco, and orange juice with Sprite. A bit strong, but tasted addicting!

Started off with finger food! Potato wedges, chips, potato scallops. All the potato lovers out there will enjoy this! Pair it with your drinks and you're good to go! 

Spicy Chook fingers! Didn't get to try this out, though.

Cajun Pizza

Aussie Pizza

I love the fact that the pizzas were thin crust, so it wouldn't fill you up too much and is right to the crunch. Fine amount of toppings, with the cheese winning!

Shrimp Gambas - Just yum! Shrimp popped in my mouth, good sauce and well-cooked.

Pork Sisig - Your typical pork sisig... Addicting and perfect with beer.

Sausage Trinity - Hot sausages with pepper, nicely seasoned and not too chewy.

Beef Salpicao - This is where my photos (and state of mind) started being loopy, LOL. But I do remember this! Beef was a bit too chewy and hard. Flavor was bland so I wouldn't recommend this.


Beef and Chicken Pot Pies tasted great! I love the presentation, though I would throw the breadsticks away and get right on to the good stuff - the pie itself. Mashed potatoes, though bland, combined well with the gravy (I guess that's the point!)

OOOOH YES, my ultimate favorite - the Crispy Pata! Crunchy, right amount of savory and did NOT need sauce for me to enjoy. Unfortunately only had one piece before everyone else got it all. That's how good it was. :(

Hot Wings were delicious. I don't normally eat wings and fries, but these were addicting and salted well, so I just kept going! Wings weren't crunchy, but they had good Buffalo sauce!

Caldereta wasn't much of a winner. I wish they blended the cheese rather than add blocks of it on top. But it tasted like my grandfather's cooking, and that equals a good dish!

First time that dessert (Chocolate Brownie) wasn't my favorite dish! While I did like the softness and chocolate-y beauty of the brownie, Crispy Pata will forever win my heart. But great presentation and portion size for just 170 PHP!

We ended the night with just three more drinks. Well, three HUMONGOUS drinks, LOL! We got two strawberry margaritas (slushy and iced), as well as one more round of iced tea (unpictured). This was what definitely got me loosen up! :p

PS: Post a picture of you and your pitcher of margarita/mojito, tag Skippy's, and get 50% off on your next pitcher!

All in all, I DEFINITELY had an awesome time in Skippy's with my new friends! With awesome promos and activities, I'm coming back for more than just the happy hour. ;) 
They'll be releasing new dishes sometime this March, so watch out for that!


  1. Wow, I wanna try the Blue Curaco. It looks enticing.


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