#ISSAEats: Sariwon @ BHS Central!

After my food tasting event in Grilla, my huge food baby and I went straight to BGC, where I met up with Aldous and other bloggers in Sariwon!

Entering Sariwon, you immediately smell the delicious meats and Korean food. The ambiance is lively, filled with families and groups of friends chatting. While the place looks a bit cramped, it seats a lot of people and is spacious, where I can still have my privacy with my friends among other customers. It isn't too loud and has great music to feel a nice vibe.

Waiters will welcome you nicely, pouring tea and preparing wet hand wipes to prepare you for the feast! If there's one thing I would commend about Sariwon, it would be their cute waiters and impeccable service. They were VERY attentive, always refilling water and sides. They also asked what we wanted when we looked like we needed something (which was always the case- I have NO idea how they know when to shy away or approach you, even before you raise your hand up!). With their warm smiles and quick service, I definitely was impressed.

As for the food: We ordered a LOT.

We started with the side dishes, which were good. I would skip everything and focus more on the kimchi, steamed fish, and the roasted and sweetened nuts (I'm a sucker for sweetened nuts!).

The Gyeranjjim was interesting. I love how those egg casserole was perfectly cooked. The eggs were fluffy and at a nice consistency, not too runny or overcooked. As for the taste… What do you expect scrambled egg tastes like? LOL. It was nice, especially it presentation, though a bit too bland. Would recommend adding more seasoning for a better taste.

Sundubujjigae was well-cooked. I love the silkiness of the tofu and the sweet-spicy kick of the soup. I'm not the hugest fan of this type of soup, though. But I'm sure it will be well-loved by those who love Korean food.

The Dolsot Bibimbap wasn't very memorable. A bit too dry and not much sauce. I would appreciate it more if it were spicy as claimed, as I didn't taste much to love it.

The Japchae's noodles were chewy yet not sticking to each other (it didn't absorb much water, but just enough!), which is what I like. It lacks in flavor, as I tasted more nuttiness than any other seasoning or topping added in there. 

Their Chesanggeup Yangneom Galbisal was definitely one of a kind. I LOVE their marinade. The beef was juicy with just the right amount of sweet and savory. The waiters cooked it themselves, and though some were a bit tough or chewy, I'm sure that the meat is quality and will be enjoyed if it were cooked better. It was all lean meat with little to no fat, which I'm sure people would appreciate.

Their Dak Galbi (chicken) was both sweet and spicy. It was tender and one of my favorite dishes. While the presentation was a bit off (It was red and I actually thought it was raw!), I would still order this again for the great taste.

The Sariwon Bulgogi had sweet potato noodles and tender beef strips. Very sweet and nice. But it might be a bit TOO sweet. I was past the limits of my stomach to actually stay conscious about the taste. That, and I was really hankering for something sweet!

I also had their Margarita Soju, which was delicious! I've had my share of cocktails (NOT TOO MANY, THOUGH! Haha), and this is definitely a new favorite. It wasn't too sour or bitter, having a juicy, sweet taste to it. I would lay off the salt on the rim, though, as they added too much.

We had complimentary dessert, which was Sikhye, sort of like a sweet iced tea with malt and rice. It tasted like water chestnut iced tea! Refreshing after a lot of savory dishes.

For the last part, I saved the best! The Sizzling Apple Graham, which was just beautiful. From the moment it comes, you hear the sizzles and crackling pops, you smell the sweet apples with chocolate syrup, and when you taste it… YUM! Everything was so well together, though I wish the apples were less crisp/crunchy and tart. But the sweetness and softness of the graham and ice cream made up for it.

All in all, my experience in Sariwon was a fantastic one. Will I come back? Definitely! Thank you so much for having us, Sariwon! <3


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