#IssaEATS: Bo's Cafe @ SM Light Mall!

I love coffee. I live off coffee. Hell, if you knew me well enough, you know I go through at least a cup a day or break down. As a writer and blogger always on the go, I usually either lack sleep or energy, and coffee is a delicious and low-calorie way to perk me up. It's the reason why I love cafe-hopping or visiting my usual cafe. To the point I knew the baristas and they know what I order. LOL.

But just recently, I grew tired of the usual, and by luck, Bo's opened! I've been there (or here, since I'm actually writing in Bo's right now) three times since they opened, with the third time stumbling into a coffee tasting event. My sick butt promised to rest today, but I couldn't resist joining and learning more about their coffee!

Bo's just opened in SM Light, and I praise the Lord for it because I was getting a bit tired of *unnamed cafe*. I love that their baristas are friendly, though still a bit new and nervous. One is nice and recommends good drinks, as well as serves drinks quickly. There are some who don't smile and look a bit harried, so I do hope they improve on their service. The place is bright and perfect to work or lounge in. I definitely appreciate the counters by the window, as it really motivates me to work.

Thanks to Bo's, I had a chance to taste some of their coffee and learn about the process. It takes a full minute to let coffee seep when using a French press (this I knew), while the temperature of the water needs to be 195 fahrenheit for it to fully *absorb* the flavor of the coffee, making it full-bodied. There is also a way to make sure that the flavor is equal for the whole cup (for pour over), where you add hot water onto the filter before anything else to remove the paper taste. Also, to swirl the water (circular motion) as you pour it over the cup to let the brew get the whole flavor, not leaving any behind from the ground coffee.

I LOVE their local brew! Their coffee beans are locally sourced from highland farmers in Sagada and Benguet, Bukidnon and Mt. Apo, and in Mt. Matumtum. Basically, local and quality coffee beans right from the Philippines! I love that this cafe promotes local and homegrown beans, with a goal of impacting social enterprises through the beautiful PH experience.  I tried the Mutamtam coffee, which was light with a  bit of spice. You can feel the kick to it without the sour/acid flavor around your tongue. It's perfect for those who want something strong without it being too dark or bitter. I would prefer the our over rather than French press to avoid the sediments, though.

My new favorite is: SAGADA! And it isn't just because of the place. While Mutamtam has spice, this has the sweet and nutty flavor I've been looking for in coffee. It doesn't have the acid aftertaste (well, not as much compared to others I've tried). It's smooth going down (considering it was pour over) and really hits the spot. A lot of flavor, but still light and great for those who aren't a fan of bitter coffee. Bo's Coffee grinds their own coffee beans, so you are assured fresh and aromatic coffee each time you order. Love it!

As for their other drinks, I've tried their tea (Turmeric, which helped my sore throat!) and their mixed berry, which was VERY good. Better than any other sweet fruit smoothie I've had.

Their Tuna turnover is flaky and crispy with the right amount of filling. 

Oatmeal cookie was a bit bland and crumbly, but I'm not the hugest fan of cookies unless they are gooey and chocolate-y (or from a certain sandwich place!).

Their lemon squares are delicious, sweet and with a tangy kick. A bit too much powdered sugar, though.

Their Chocolate Decadent is moist and with a nice balance of crumbly, dark chocolate goodness. 

Their carrot-oatmeal muffin is a healthier way to satisfy my sweet tooth. I wish it were less crumby and more moist, as it was dry and difficult to eat. But other than that, I actually enjoyed the taste. And this is coming from someone who doesn't like carrots, especially when mixed with oatmeal or raisins!

My only complaint would be their serving time of pastries. It takes them approximately 10 minutes. I don't think it would take even 3 minutes to warm it up and put it on the plate to serve, especially when there aren't a lot of customers that time. But that's it. 

FYI: Ask for their wifi password (it's quick!) and they have outlets. My new workplace near my new place! <3

PS I am SO glad I got their loyalty card before their promo ended! Try to ask branches if they still have it available, as it entail you to discounts on food and beverages, as well as other perks. They also have an app to collect points for every beverage bought. 

Their grand opening of SM Light Mall will be on February 17, Friday. Not exactly sure on the exact time, but will update you on that via Facebook or Instagram! Expect activities and freebies on that day, including merchandise and free drinks! 

This is their 90th branch, and they show no signs of stopping. You can visit their official website (boscoffee.com) for more updates, their official menu, as well as the branch locator.

Thanks again Bo's, and see you soon (maybe tomorrow!!). ;)


  1. Great article! I will go to their opening!


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