Experience the Beautiful Artworks by the Chan Lim Family @ SM North EDSA!

While I may not be the most creative of people (I mean have you seen me try drawing?!), I love admiring art. Last January 29, I got the chance to experience a special tour of artwork created by the Chan Lim family!

What amazes me about the Chan Lim family is the fact that they are all artists. There's NO one in the family that hasn't strayed away from painting. Now three generations into the field of arts, they are now celebrating their 80th anniversary with a bang.

We were lucky enough to meet almost all the artists behind the brushstrokes, listening to them as they explain how they paint and create their masterpieces based on Chinese artwork. You can see that there are children and teenagers who have also acquired the artistic skills and eye for creativity.

From painting plates to scrolls, you can see how much detail they put into their work, especially when it comes to the plates! They have a specialized gloss to coat the plate after painting and drying it in order to preserve the painting. Of course, you won't be able to use the plate for eating! :p

They also have masterpieces made by multiple artists of the family, with the fusion of different styles and ways of painting blending into one beautiful artwork.

We toured the exhibit while 

What the family emphasizes is that anyone will be able to begin creating art. While skill and talent is a plus, the only thing you will truly need would be the passion and interest. Watercolor painting isn't an expensive hobby, but something that can help improve your perspective on how you see the world. If you feel like you haven't got the eye for it but want to try, they also offer classes in Pasig!

They have exhibits in MOA and SM Cebu. This exhibit will run until February 12, with a lot of activities still coming up til then! Give it a visit when you're in the area! You'll love all the paintings and treats you can get. ;) 

You can find the artworks and other information about the Chan Lim family here.

Also, thank you to SM North EDSA for the invite AND the special tikoy I won from their online contest! <3 Definitely a memorable Chinese New Year. ;)


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