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New year but late post! Been out for the holidays with family and busy with articles. But my new year's resolution: Write and travel more! I'll probably get more to my resolutions and 2017 goals next time. But for now... Let's start the new year right with good food from Crisp on 28th!

Crisp on 28th is located on 28th Street in BGC (Hence the 28th!). It was created by Erwan Heusaff and his friends, after studying culinary arts in France. After missing the old street cafes, they decided to create their own little place. They coined the name Crisp because the cafe focuses on healthy dishes, and Crisp denotes crunchy greens, firm and fresh!

To celebrate their 2nd anniversary, they recently added new dishes (on that night!), adding more Filipino-inspired cuisine with surprising and delicious fusions. 

Crisp on 28th isn't hard to find but is a bit hidden. You walk into a homey ambiance that's perfect for romantic date nights or a nice place to catch up with friends over coffee. The word for it is warm. I can imagine the natural light flow during the day, while the warm lights of the restaurant keep the place well-lit and cozy at night.

The staff is accommodating, both friendly and attentive from the moment we walked in. They cleared our plates and made sure we were attended to, with a friendly smile. I really appreciate the warm service that matches the interior of the cafe.

Now, on to the food! Like what I said, they just changed the menu, so we got to try some of their newly introduced Filipino dishes with a twist!

I had a Mango and Celery with Chia Seed fruit shake (125 PHP). Really good! You might be weirded out by the combination of mango and celery, but they blend well together. Nice consistency and balanced taste of main ingredients, though the mango is a bit too sour than sweet.

The Chicken Adobo Nachos (280 PHP) was loaded with toppings and cheese! I loved how the zest of mango and salsa matches the savory flavor of the adobo strips. 

Their Asian Waldorf Salad (280 PHP) had a bit too much going on, in my opinion. The sweetness of the pears and slight sourness from the dressing and apples did not bode well for my palate. But I did like how the chicken was cooked, firm yet tender. 

Mangga at Chicharon (240 PHP) is definitely one of my favorites (probably because I LOVE ensaladang mangga!). Salty bagoong with crunchy and sour mangoes = YUM. Topped with equally crunchy chicharon just adds a lot more flavor to my favorite Filipino appetizer.

The Kaldereta Bolognese (380 PHP) was pretty good. It felt like a taste of home since my grandfather cooks good caldereta. But instead of rice, it's linguine. It isn't the most notable of the dishes I tried, but definitely something I'd recommend. 

I REALLY loved the Salted Egg and Ham Pressed Sandwich (320 PHP)! The serving is big and it comes with sweet potato chips and condensed milk, as well as a small salad on the side. The sandwich itself was crunchy and perfectly pressed. The crunch of the bread and ham were perfect together. The salted egg and sweet Chinese ham make a great pair, and the flavors weren't overpowering. My favorite was the chips, because it's a sweet crunch that tastes so good when dipped in condensed milk. Something I'll go back for!

The Pancit Pad Thai (320 PHP) was interesting. It's your typical Pad Thai but in Bihon noodles! And for someone who loves bihon, I can say that it's a successful dish. Peanut flavor not too strong, but salty enough to match the kick of the lime. Plus, I love the vibrant colors before mixing it!

Kansi Nasal (360 PHP / 680 PHP) reminds me of sinigang. I love the sour broth mixed with astuete and lemon grass! The langka and beef brisket was cooked perfectly. Both soft and flavorful. 

The Salmon (420 PHP) dish came with monggo and red rice stirfry. While it's good, i don't have much to say about the dish, as it isn't very memorable. While I do like salmon, it just didn't create that wow factor for me (Unlike the Salted Egg and Ham Pressed Sandwich!)

Another interesting dish would be the Manila Ramen (320 PHP)! I really LOVE ramen, but never did imagine it with a Filipino version. With grilled pork liempo, chicharon bulaklak, and kwek-kwek (!), it's a guilty pleasure I enjoyed.

They also serve all day breakfast plates, one of them being the Tortang Talong (290 PHP). Not very memorable as well and tastes like your typical tortang talong your relatives have made at home. But I DO like the spiced miso vinegar. Matches the savory flavor of the eggplant omelette.

For the moment I'VE been waiting for (Pretty sure everyone knows I love me some sweets, LOL): Dessert!

We had the Rainbow Cake + Banana Squash Cake. I love the presentation! I almost squealed when they brought out the rainbow cake slice.

Rainbow cake: It had the right amount of sweetness, but was a bit too crumbly for me. The inner bread part tasted bland, but when paired with the sweet icing on the top and side... Yum. Just not "Holy mackerel please give me the whole cake" kind of yum.

Banana squash cake: Better texture than the rainbow cake. Less crumbly and firmer. I love banana loaf, and this one reminded me of that. Pair it with the cream cheese icing between it, and it makes the best combination. I might be a bit biased as I love banana and anything cream cheese, but I can say it's delicious and I shall go back for it again.

All in all, this hidden gem in BGC is A+! It's a change from all the typical restaurants you'll see around the area, as it's the perfect place for a meal out AND somewhere you'll want to unwind in. You'll want to try the local cuisine fused with different dishes around Asia. Not your typical homecooked meal, but definitely an interesting and delicious experience.

Crisp on 28th
Address: Allied Corporate Center, 28th St Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila
Contact Number: 0917 584 6883
Hours: Open 8AM to 11PM everyday

Would I go back? Definitely! Thank you to Aldous and Crisp on 28th for having us! I'll see you soon. ;)


  1. We were lucky nga to be there on the night the menu got new items. Yummmy!


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