#ISSAdulting: Make the Wise (and Healthy!) Investment With SUN Fit and Well

It's 2017 and I'm doing my best to keep up with my new year's resolutions! Besides writing/blogging more (which I'm REALLY slacking on, but doing my best!), I have two other goals: Make healthier choices and wise investments.

After almost three weeks of slacking in both areas, I got a sign from the heavens above! And that sign was Sun Life's new Fit & Well Insurance. I was invited to their first media briefing of 2017, where they announced the health index results of Asia, along with their new Insurance program, SUN Fit & Well.

We had brunch before the briefing - Congratulate me for not going back five times like usual! :p

The media briefing started with the Health Index Results. It's actually very surprising to see that though we (Filipinos) claim to be mentally and physically content with our bodies, we are actually lacking in one of the major components of wellness: Exercise. 

We are known as Generation O, with a lot of working millennials being: Overworked, Overweight, and Overwhelmed. Guilty to say that I'm all three! And I know I'm not alone.

While we are all optimistic about making changes, health-wise, there are a few things that restrict us from doing so. Based on Sun Life's studies, 61% of our population do not engage in any regular physical activity. Of the 61%, there are five main reasons:
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of motivation
  • Distractions from personal or modern lifestyle
  • Too expensive
  • Not a lot of areas where one can exercise in
It all boils down to lacking in any of these areas, which hinder us from reaching our health and fitness goals. Fortunately, Sun Life has created a program wherein they solve all these reasons. The answer is GoWell!

GoWell is Sun Life's new wellness program where you can enjoy perks such as access to community workouts where you can allot time from your busy schedule and find motivation through working out with other people. These community workouts are free for members to join. You also get to have access to health articles that motivate and help you make healthier decisions in both diet and exercise. Oh, and discounts/special promos from their partners, such as R.O.X or Urban Ashram!

You can sign up for free as a Teal member here, or upgrade to Gold membership (more benefits!) by contacting sunlink@sunlife.com.

Apart from GoWell, Sun Life Asia has also released their newest product, SUN Fit & Well. It offers comprehensive life and health protection for people of all ages, from children as young as 30 days old, to those reaching their golden years. What's great about it is that it not only covers you while you are sick but in all aspects as well, from prevention down to rehabilitation. You also have access to GoWell when availing of this product.

With SUN Fit & Well, you are protected your whole life, and at very affordable prices. While it varies by age, I can say that it will fit your budget and have you enjoy a lot of wellness perks that help you achieve fitness and health. On average, a 30-year-old employee will be investing in 55,000 PHP a year for the product, and that already includes insurance protection, cash benefits, and Gold membership to GoWell.

It's best to start making an investment while you're still young, so while I'm still looking into my options, I know that Sun Life is something to consider. It's a wake-up call (and probably a sign) to start making changes in both health and finances. Hopefully, my 2017 will be filled with wellness in all aspects. Thank you, Sun Life! ;)


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