Jam for a Cause at BRAVE: A Benefit Gig for Carol Noche!

If there's one thing I have ALWAYS wanted to do, it's to attend local gigs. Unfortunately, I'm not able to always go, for one main reason: they're usually held in the depths of Quezon City (my version of uncharted waters, LOL!). But this time, I'm going to take the traffic on and explore!

This coming November 16, get ready for an awesome time watching all your favorite bands play in Route 196 Bar. 

BRAVE is an event organized by Move Forward Productions as a benefit gig for their friend Sandy Noche's mom, Carol Noche.

She (Carol Noche) was diagnosed with the final stage of a renal disease last 2014. She just recently suffered a mild heart attack and kidney failure. Fortunately, she is now recovering but currently confined in the hospital, as she is suffering from pneumonia and undergoing dialysis treatments three times a week (3,500 PHP a session). She's also undergoing chronic oxygen therapy for her complications.

Currently, they have an unpaid hospital bill of 190,000 PHP. Every little bit counts, which is why they not only created the benefit gig but a medical fund as well for others to donate and help cover the expenses (Link and other details below). *

I got to interview Sandy and get to learn more about Carol Noche. She is not only a loving and responsible mother but a friend and hard worker, doing everything she can for the needs of her children and loved ones. She never complains and is a fighter, no matter what happens. Their motto? Be brave and choose life!

I love the positivity Sandy sets, and how the Noche family still stays strong through their faith in God and the love of everyone around them. There will be times that they hit rock bottom, but from prayers to financial assistance, they get back up with newfound perspective in life that makes them keep pushing forward and overcoming the battles they face. They definitely deserve all the blessings!

That is why I am also thankful to have been given a chance to chat with her, as I learned a lot and am honored to help in any way I can. And you will be able to do so as well! You can help through prayers, financial assistance (again, details below), and attending BRAVE.

You won't only be jamming to your favorites, but you will also get to help and support the Noche family as well.

What to expect from BRAVE? You'll be seeing:
- Autotelic
- Jensen and The Flips
- MilesExperience
- Tom's Story
- Runway Crimes
- Dymphna
- Spaced Out Kids

So expect a night of lots of great music and good company, all for a cause.

Entrance fee is 250 PhP, and it already comes with a free drink! So if you're free this November 16 (Wednesday), then drop by Route 196 Bar in Katipunan Avenue. Gig starts at 8PM, so I hope to see you then! ;)

* For those who are unable to attend, you can still help out and donate to Carol's medical fund here: https://gogetfunding.com/carol-noches-medical-fund/. All payment details are there!


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