#IssaEATS: Melt @ Uptown Mall, BGC!

If you truly know me, then you probably know that I LOVE cheese. Then again, I love almost any kind of food. But my excitement intensified to about 3 times more than usual when our Christmas celebration would be held in Melt Grilled Cheesery!

Melt Grilled Cheesery was created by James and Chessie Torres. Why dedicate a whole restaurant to cheese? Not only is it because of its uniqueness, but also because it's been Chessie's dream to own a cheese-themed restaurant.

The restaurant itself gives off a comfortable and fancy vibe. There is an open kitchen and a collection of drinks you can choose from as well. The whole place itself makes it perfect for group gatherings where you can catch up with ease. It's spacious, the lighting isn't too bright or dim, and the ambiance is flexible. It can be for the one dining alone or with friends down to a quick snack with the family!

We started off with Melt's Mac & Cheese Bars (240 PHP). I love how the honey and sour cream dip complements well with these. It's crunchy on the outside with that overload of cheesy goodness inside.

Next off was the Creamy Tomato Meat Linguini (295 PHP). Both dishes were delicious, just the right amount of thick tomato/bolognese sauce and cheese. The pasta was al dente and every bite was just... YUM.

Their Ratatouille (285 PHP) reminds me of their Meat Linguini. Equally as good!

The Mushroom Truffle (395 PHP) was really good, but a bit too creamy and rich for me (Which can actually be a good thing!). But this may be me already starting to feel the cheese overload!

This is the Chili Cheesy Rice (385 PHP). You may be wondering how the cinnamon bananas (or plantains?) would complement with the sausage rice, but believe me when I say it works. The sweetness of the bananas make a great combo when mixed with the savory sausages and cheese.

The Beefy Cheesy Rice (375 PHP) was DELICIOUS! Ultra cheesy, kind of like a very fancy lasagna but with rice instead of the noodles.

Their risotto (I forgot the name) is a new part of their menu. It reminds me of Pinoy breakfast with a twist. You've got tocino bits topped with poached egg, arugula, and cheese. When mixed in altogether, you get a great combination: the creamy egg yolk mixed with thick consistency of the risotto, as well as the saltiness of both the tocino and grated cheese. Basically, all flavors in one bite!

NOW, on to the best part: THEIR GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES! Prices range from 300 to 400 PHP, and you may be wondering if you're willing to spend that much on a basic grilled cheese sandwich. No, you won't want to. But these are not just your basic grilled cheese sandwiches! They are huge, will serve around 2-3 people, and come with crispy chips on the side. Very sulit and VERY CHEESY. The bread was thick, crunchy and perfectly grilled. Match the crunch with gooey cheese, and you've got yourself one of the best. Huhu.

Chili Con Queso (375 PHP) was my favorite from the bunch. VERY pleasing to the eyes and the taste buds. No need to worry about it being spicy, as it's just right.

Their Big Buff (420 PHP) has chicken with it! It's like your typical cheesy chicken made into a sandwich. Crunchy and just right. Too much breading than chicken, though.

Bacon Mac & Grilled Cheesy (275 PHP) was oozing with so much cheese. I'm not the hugest fan of bacon, but I liked them together!

Finally, dessert! The dulce de lecheese (295 PHP) was good, but not my favorite. While I do love ice cream and cheese, I feel like it's better separated, or as keso flavored ice cream. The chocolate chip Oreo cheesecake (255 PHP) was perfect, though. The cheese wasn't overpowering, the chocolatey-ness was just the right amount of sweet, and they go well together. Consistency is perfect as well, not mushy or too "stiff", if that makes sense!

All in all, I definitely enjoyed my dinner with Team Aldous! They have great service, a nice place, and with nice company, who can ask for more? You'll see me there again soon! :p


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