#ISSAGOesplaces: Mt. Tagapo in Talim Island, Rizal!


Been itching for a climb since Lake Pandin (Haven't been able to go out and I'm not sure why? Lol), so I finally got to go with friends to Mt. Tagapo!

We all met up at around 6AM in Cubao and left at around 7. We arrived in Pritil Port at around 8AM and left at 9AM, going to Talim Island.

The boat ride there took about an hour, but it felt so long. I fell asleep on the way there since I slept at around 1-2AM and woke up at 5! The wind felt nice and my spot was right in the middle on top of everything, so it was all good.

Once we arrived and registered, we started our way up. It wasn't as difficult as Manabu, and it definitely is a mountain I'd recommend for beginners. It's uphill but sort of a trail, no need for any extreme rock climbing skills. Just balance and stamina. So much greens and trees and nature on the way up, I swear I loved it! Nice change compared to the bland brown I see when in Manila :p

It took us an hour and a half to reach the campsite, which was beautiful. Filled with grass and dandelions (?), it was like a movie. But for me, it was more like I was catching Pokemon in wild grass. 

We had lunch by the shades, under a tree. Once we were done, we went up to the summit.

What I found difficult was the way up to the summit, as there is a LOT of lemon grass that can cut. So I recommend you wear sleeves and pants to avoid those cuts and the ants when sitting on the ground (Bring plastic!).

The summit had a nice view of the fields and waters, but since it was so hot, we didn't stay there for so long and went back down to the campsite. Rested, took more photos, and went down.

It took us an hour going down, and it was easier than going up (Can anyone explain why going down is easier and much faster huhu). Washed up and waited for the boat to arrive, leaving at around 4:45PM!

I'm not sure which was better, the climbing or the boat ride going home. The sun was about to set, the wind was blowing, and I was seated by the side of the boat and swaying my legs near the water (Mama will kill me when she finds out). The view of the waters was perfect, I got to watch the sunset, and shucks I just felt so sentimental LOL, it's perfect for those emoting, I swear. I sang the whole ride home (My phone died so no music huhu) and just appreciated what's in front of me rather than worry about whatever happens in the future. 

We took a tricycle going to the FX stations and took the UV Express (Someone help me: What's the difference between FX and UV…) going to Megamall. That's when I went down and took the bus going back to Boni! And I took the warmest shower after cleaning everything up. Thank God my dad got me Pepsi Max once they arrived home!

For those wondering, I spent about 300 PHP the whole trip. Here's the breakdown:

- Jeep from Cubao to Sta. Lucia 16 PHP
- Jeep from Sta Lucia to Pritil Port 37 PHP
- Boat fare 30 PHP
- Reg fee 20 PHP
- Guide fee 400 PHP (divided by 8 people = 50 PHP)
- Shower fee 20 PHP
- Boat fare 30 PHP
- Tricy going to FX station 10 PHP (divided by 7 people - Yes, 7 people fit 1 tricycle. I don't know how but very amusing)
- UV going back to Megamall 50 PHP
- Bus to Boni 10 PHP
= 273 PHP! I spent 100 PHP on food and 112 PHP on my Uber going to Cubao (IDK WHY), so safe budget would be 400-500 PHP.

You can buy food from Jollibee when meeting in Cubao, or buy from the stores by the port or island when you arrive. They don't have any stalls or food for sale up in the summit or on the way up, so pack your food beforehand. Oh, and wear sleeves and pants. Pack a cap and sunscreen, since there sin't much shade on your way up to the summit. I also recommend to take the 6AM boat ride, so it won't be as hot.

Sample Itinerary:
4-4:30AM Meetup in Cubao
430-6AM Otw to Port
6-7AM Port to Talim Island
7-7:30AM Register
7:30-9:30AM Climb to campsite
9:30-10AM Break
10-10:30AM Climb to summit
10:15-11AM Break
11-11:30AM Back down to campsite
11:30-12NN Lunch
12-2PM Back down to reg area
2-3PM Wash up
3-4PM Back to Port
4-6PM Back home

Kind of safe itinerary, considering breaks and pace.

All in all, I had such a great time! Good company, amazing views, a good workout- Definitely a Sunday well spent. I am doing this again, for sure! My legs are feeling great, tons of articles due, and I've been overeating, so I'll welcome October with more climbs, actually going to the gym, eating healthier, and focusing on work ;) Hold me accountable and wish me luck! :c


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