#ISSAGOesplaces: Mt. Sipit Ulang, Rizal!

Hello, November! 
After overeating almost every day and going to the gym ONE time, my butt decided to end the month with a climb to feel less guilty, LOL. So, we climbed Mt. Sipit Ulang!

We met up in Cubao at around 5:45AM and left at exactly 6AM (Proud we followed the time!). Arrived in Eastwood, Rizal at about 6:45AM. We were dropped off in the wrong tricycle area, so we walked til we reached Total (just about 5 minutes!) and took a tricycle going to Brgy. Mascap. It took about 20 minutes. Arrived at the registration area and prepared, buying food, getting a guide, etc. We started at around 7:45AM!

The climb going up the summit was amazing! I read that we would be going through caves and moss, but it was way better than described. We climbed a bit, went through caves, and even climbed ladders and makeshift bridges. I honestly felt like I was in Tomb Raider.

The next part of the climb would be a trail, which was pretty easy. Just watch out, as it's muddy! 

We reached the summit area at around 10:15AM. There's a small canteen there where they sell sandwiches, bananas, eggs, and other small snacks. What I loved was that there was a bench you had to climb to. It was super chill up there, and aaaaah you could sleep there. I also love the fact that there wasn't much people, considering it was a Sunday!

Then it started raining. LOL we ended up going down and taking a break before going up to the summit itself. Luckily, the rain stopped and we were able to see the sun again!

We started climbing to the summit, which was AWESOME. No need to any equipment and legit rock climbing where you need balance and good grip. Both of which I do NOT have. Kidding. I think? I'm alive and unscathed, so proud to say I actually can climb.

Once we got up, the view was A M A Z I N G. All green, all sunny, all fresh air... Just... Wow. It was hot and I left my jacket and cap down by the seats, which is why I'm dark now. I also left my gloves in my bag, so wah it was a bit of a pain on both hands and butt when sitting down. But so worth it. I would also love to thank our guide, kuya Anthony! Super fun to be with and let up with my excitement, LOL.

Going down was easy, as we passed an alternate route. We left at 11:15AM and arrived at 12:15NN, or a tad earlier than that. We had lunch down there and took a bath, leaving at around 1:30PM for home!

I survived the climb with only one scratch on my hand (Bring gloves!) going down. But once I got down, clumsy Issa came back. I was locked in the shower area and had to call for help. Then I tripped after the tricycle ride to the UV terminal. Ended up with a wound and blood all over my toe. Pretty funny that I'm ultra careful when climbing but can't even stay balanced when back down.

Here's the itinerary:
5:30-6:00AM - Meetup in Jollibee, Farmer's Cubao
6:00-7:00AM - Take a UV going to Rodriguez (Eastwood), Rizal. Go down at the Total Station!
7:00-7:30AM - Take a tricycle going to Brgy. Mascap
7:30-7:45AM - Register, get ready for climb
7:45-10:15AM - Climb to summit
10:15-10:30AM - Arrive and rest
10:30-11:15AM - Climb to summit, take photos!
11:15-12:15NN - Back down to reg. area
12:15-1:30PM - Lunch, wash up
1:30-2:00PM - Tricycle back to terminal
2:00-4:00PM - Back to Cubao

Expense breakdown (This is what I actually spent!)
14 PHP - Bus from Boni to Cubao
50 PHP - UV going to Eastwood, Rizal
38 PHP - Tricy going to Brgy. Mascap (It's 150 PHP for 5 people, but we were 4 in one)
50 PHP - Reg fee
125 PHP - Guide fee (It's 500 PHP for the climb, good for 5 people. But we were 8, so we got 2 guides for 1,000 PHP! If you want to go to the falls,it will be 700 PHP)
20 PHP - Shower fee
38 PHP - Tricy going to terminal (Same rate)
50 PHP - UV to Cubao
14 PHP - Cubao to Boni
110 PHP - Food expenses

If you were 5 or 10, and spent only 100 PHP for food, you would most likely spend less than 500 PHP. But still, super sulit!

Anyway, that's the climb! Very fun, loved the company, and I'm DEFINITELY doing this again. Mt. Binacayan next, I hope! Focusing on more travels and food trips this November and December, so watch out for that. ;)


  1. Really want to climb Mt. Sipit Ulang next! :) Did you have any side trips?

    1. Unfortunately, no! But you should also try going to Mt Ayaas or the falls after! :) :)


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