Hello! Been busy since the weekend, but I finally got down to catching up on pending articles and other things (TBA next time, maybe?). Anyway! Last Saturday, I attended Foodgasm! 

Foodgasm is one of the yearly traditions created by UP Economics Society. This year, they held it inSikatuna Village, in Maginhawa. It's made for foodies of no bounds, may you be an aspiring chef, a food blogger, or just the food lover who wants to try something new! It's known as the biggest food tasting competition in Metro Manila, so I was pretty pumped I got the chance to be part of it.

I went with my sister, who also happens to be a foodie herself (shout out to her for always cooking dinner, I would have starved or lived off bread without you!). When we arrived, we were greeted by their creatives committee and got our tickets. We had the chance to look around the bazaar while they prepare for the food tasting competition. There were loads of awesome stuff there, from clothes, makeup, cute phone cases and accessories, and some other small food items! My eyes were on the clothes the whole time, but knowing my dad, he'd probably throw a fit if I got any more to (literally) throw in my closet!

After roaming around a bit, we began the food tasting! We were given passports and had to choose one of three sets, so I chose Set C, which had the most desserts focused on ice cream (of course, Issa). Inna chose set A.

We went around Set A first, and everything went pretty good! One of the best for me would most likely be the New Zealand Ice Cream. My sister agreed, after trying everything else, and she's one who doesn't even like ice cream that much. Wasn't able to check out anything from Trixie's Kitchen, as they weren't there when we went around. The churros weren't ready as well.

As for Set C, I hold no regrets trying everything out. My ultimate favorite would be the Roasted Butter Pecan ice cream from Exile on Main St., a place I am DEFINITELY visiting when I'm in Manila or QC. I swear, I literally took a step back because of how creamy and yummy their ice cream is. 

The ones that got my attention were the ice cream (of course, though Exile will rule all), and the rest of the desserts. 

There were Bacon Muffins, and that definitely caught my eye because 1 I don't like bacon so much (cue gasp) and 2 I can't imagine it being in a muffin, LOL. But it was surprisingly good. I tasted the bacon bits, which felt weird at first but ended up being a nice sweet and savory addition. Pretty unique, compared to banana or berry muffins!

Another would be the Pirena Cake by Empire Cakes. They set fire to their cake with rum and you get to watch the chocolate melt to see a brownie with melted marshmallow inside of it! Unfortunately, it was raining and they weren't able to really fire it up, but the chocolatey goodness was there, and it tasted great!

As for the savory stuff, what got my attention were the Nacho-Pikachu sliders! It wasn't only a treat for the eyes, but the taste buds as well. It was perfectly spiced and really good! It was the first time I had a slider (a burger, actually) in such a LOOOOONG time. I may want to try a burger again.

Ping Gu's mushroom fries were great as well! An alternative to potato chips, as it's slightly lower in calories? Plus, their garlic mayo dip is gooooood!

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse's Smoked Pork Ribs got my taste buds too, but it wasn't as tender or flavorful as I wanted it to be. Either way, I like ribs, and while this wasn't the best, I still really liked it!

Here are some of the other food my sister and I tried out!

All in all, I really loved the experience. Despite the rain, my sister and I had a great time running around and getting wet! Wish I didn't leave right after the competition but had no time and my sister and I had other plans right after. Hopefully, I'll be back next year and maybe join the eating competition! :P

Thank you so much to UP Economics Society! Had an awesome time and everything went smoothly. Hope to see you next year! :)


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