Opening of The Craft Central, Greenbelt 5!

Yesterday (September 21) was pretty awesome! I was invited to attend The Craft Central's exclusive PR party. They just opened their store a few days ago, already selling a lot of really cute and creative stuff.

The Craft Central is a store created by two sisters, Alexis and Monique. Alexis was working as a freelance calligraphist while Monique was working somewhere in finances. They began an online store after learning about the opportunities selling crafts and supplies would be able to give, and a few years later, they decided to make their dreams of having a physical store into a reality! 

They coined the term central because they wanted it to be a one-stop shop for everyone to find what they need when it comes to arts and crafts. There are other online shops and individuals who sell their items here as well, which is great for those who want to showcase their products in one store! I love how interactive and sweet the owners are, and their story is truly inspiring. It makes me want to start my own store someday with my sister! ;)

When I arrived at The Craft Central, I was ushered in and shown to the booths, where you are able to check out the various stuff they have for sale, as well as some of the owners and sponsors of the store.

I started with the bath bombs, created by Soak Artisan Soap. They create the bath bombs through soap powder, spices, and essential oils, molded into a little ball and designed with glitter to make it look more beautiful and appealing. They also have other soaps available for sale!

I then proceeded to Bedazzle Accessories' booth, where they gave away little pendants with your initial. How did they do it? They had a sort of stamp that they hammered onto the pendant! I obviously got the letter I for Issa!

I passed by Pink Opium's hand sculpted jewelry, where they had earrings and other various necklaces and jewelry. The earrings were very interesting, and it was so hard to choose the best one! I ended up going for the chocolate chip cookie earrings because everyone knows how much i love those! :p

Oils and Petals' artisan fragrances were there as well, and this one was pretty interesting, as we had to pick a piece of paper with the scent and choose the right bottle from the bunch! Got it right on the first try, and it smells really good, not too strong but not too faint at the same time.

Ink Scribbler also had personalized notebooks (a to-do list, rather). There was a calligrapher, and I was in awe as to how they manage to do it beautifully and perfectly in one go. It is unfair that people can be this creative and here I am… LOL.

Last but not least, we got to personalize our own tote bags with hand carved stamps from Sqooid. Please don't judge my design, it was hurried and I couldn't find a nice concept. That, and I'm only good with words, not visual art! :c The way you stamp is different, though. Using permanent ink stamps, you dab it onto the stamp and press it onto the tote bag! Pretty neat!

I got to see the other items for sale, and they have a LOT! From dreamcatchers to drawings, finger puppets and notebooks, they have everything a crafter or artist dreams of. Whether you're the creative type or starting out, you'll be able to find all you want and need in The Craft Central. The Travel Journal caught my eye for obvious reasons, as well as the stickers and dreamcatchers!

They even have books from The Heist Club, all about crime and mystery. I might pick a book up sometime when I go back to Makati. I need to start reading again! :c

After roaming around the store, we had snacks thanks to CBTL. Good muffins and tea, not the hugest fan of their sandwiches, though. LOL (But I didn't go there for the food!).

All in all, a great experience, and I now have another reason to visit Greenbelt! I usually avoid malls as they are all clothes, but I'm definitely visiting again for gift ideas for family and friends (but mostly for myself…).

If you want to visit The Craft Central, they're located on the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5. For now, they only transact through cash, but hopefully, they accept major credit cards soon! :) 


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