#ISSAGOesplaces: Mt. Pico de YOLO

This was very much long overdue since I planned to go here as a birthday climb last month. Ah, if only weather last August coordinated with my love for climbing and my mother's rules of going out only during good weather!

Anyway, it's been a dream to climb Mt. Pico, and I finally did it! And thank gosh I did before it closes this October.
I joined an organized event, so the meeting place was in Cubao at around 4AM. We left at 5ish going to Cavite, arriving at the registration area at around 7AM. 

After a few minutes of briefing and preparing, we started the climb up!

Just the first few minutes already left me in awe. The rainforest was perfect, if only people stopped throwing trash! I could smell the earth, hear nothing but silence, and see nothing but the brown and greens of nature. I loved it.

15-20 minutes into our climb and I'm already looking like death!

The only thing motivating me was that we were so close to the campsite (or so they said huhu no trust when it comes to asking how far up to the summit anymore)

After about 2-3 hours of slight panting and the want to tumble back down and sleep, we finally made it to the campsite!

The campsite itself was breathtaking. The view was amazing and it made for great photos (Some of them my mom almost killed me for? I swear she'll kill me before any mountain would).

The amazing view and the summit!

After having a quick break and an early lunch, we started trekking up to the summit, which took about 15 minutes or less. BUT, it was a bit intense, as it entailed a bit of balance. It was all uphill!

SO worth the climb. We arrived while it was still foggy, but once the clearing showed, WOW.

Sad we couldn't climb the monolith, but it was still a breathtaking view!

Going down was the same, with a bit of balance and confidence needed! We had a quick break in the campsite before going down, scared of the thunder that was becoming frequent and louder.

Unfortunately, the rains caught up to use after about 30 minutes into the journey down. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't exactly drizzling, either! Trail became muddier, and it was such a fun experience going downhill! Have no photos as I wanted to focus more on not slipping, but check my poor shoes out:

These babies met Mt. Hapunang Banoi, Pamitinan, Batulao, and now Pico de Loro! Already killed two pairs of shoes and this is the only one that never failed me, ever. <3

Once we arrived down, we cleaned ourselves up and went on our way to the Kaybiang Tunnel as a mini side trip!

We then had a long way home, having dinner in Marlu's. Okay food, nothing extraordinary. Service was very friendly and lovely, but a bit slow.

Bracing the traffic sucked, especially after a long weekend! Arrived home at 9:30PM, where I frantically started unpacking in preparation for a warm bath until I become squeaky clean! Then caught up with messages and ate a huge bag of popcorn and iced tea to relax and prepare for the week ahead (Lots of events, schoolwork and articles to do!).

Since I was with an organized group, I spent 500 PHP for the guide and transportation (private van). Here would be the breakdown of expenses if not:

85 PHP - Bus from Coastal Mall to Ternate, Cavite
75 PHP - Tricy to reg area
25 PHP - Reg fee
1,000 PHP - Guide fee for 5 (200 PHP)
10 PHP - Shower fee
Same way going back, tricy and bus.

= 555 PHP,  more or less. Add some money for food and other miscellaneous things, but I'm sure you'll be spending less than 700 PHP!

All in all, I LOVE PICO DE LORO! Definitely worth the climb. Hope you can make it before they close! Next up: Maculot! If my mom, time, and schedule allows. ;)


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