#ISSAGOesplaces: Lake Pandin, Laguna

This week has been very hectic. Been working on new projects from work and assignments for class, along with some other things. Basically, I'm swamped (still am) and still going!

I was planning on climbing Mt. Maculot for the weekend, but since I wasn't feeling well on Saturday, my mom and I decided that we go to Lake Pandin in Laguna!

Lake Pandin is one of the 7 lakes found in Laguna, and this one is deemed the best! Many say that you must visit Lake Pandin, even if you don't visit the others (Though I only went to Lake Pandin, I still encourage you to check the others out if you have the time and budget!).

We left at around 9AM and arrived at 11AM, greeted by kids who guide your parking and will go with you to the lake. It's a 10-15 minute walk going there.

I forgot to take a photo, but you'll see huts and tindahans around that sell food and souvenirs. We reserved a raft ride for 4 people the night before, and lucky we did, as we may have needed to wait. There were a lot of people!

Once we went on the raft (Around 12NN), we had lunch. And I can't say anything about it except for the fact that... YUM.

Waaaaah, now THAT's the legit lunch I'm talking about! We ate with our hands (Been a LONG time since I did that!) while we stopped in the middle of the lake, the breeziest part.
What we had: ensalada, liempo, tilapia, ukoy, buko (extra 25 PHP), rice (essential lol), bananas and water!

We arrived at the end of the lake, where you'll be able to climb going to Lake Yambu. It's just a 3-5 minute walk up!

The view was great! No sure if you can go down, though.

Changed to my dress on the way back. I gained 10-15 pounds, so I'm pretty glad this still fits! :p
If you don't know this dress (ms. PUP), my mom made this when she was a teen and gave it to me last year once I was able to fit into it!

For those wondering about the budget, you would spend more or less 800 PHP if you were a group of 4!

Bus from Cubao to Laguna (SM San Pablo) - 135 PHP
Jeep going to San Pablo - 7 PHP
Another Jeep going to Lake Pandin - 10 PHP
Raft ride with food good for 4 people - 400 PHP each
Shower fee - 20 PHP
Going back (Same steps above)
Add in miscellaneous expenses such as tips for the kids and extra food.

We didn't commute and had a car, so I'm basing this on the answers I got when I asked how to get here.

Raft ride rates depend on how many you are (Rates are for a 2 hour raft ride with food):

1000 PHP for 1-2 people
400 PHP each for 3 people
360 PHP each for 4 people or more

Add 20 PHP/person for liempo.

For those who prefer to pack in lunch, it's 180 PHP/person for a raft ride.
What I wish is that they weren't in such a hurry, but considering it was a busy Sunday, I understand!

All in all? Super worth the trip! You can go camping here if you want, or climb the mountain! Might go back here just for their lunch though. :p

Lots of stuff lined up this week, so expect more blog posts! ;)


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