#issaeats: Shawarma Bros and Manila Creamery in UP Town Center!

What a VERY hectic Monday! Still trying to catch up on work, and I had to go to DFA Alabang. Stupid me didn't bring my original NSO birth certificate, so I have to go back this or next week. Luckily, they gave me time and I'll be able to go during whatever date or hour, so long as I have all my requirements. Well, that was a waste of time (and a panic attack). Puts me back a bit, as I'll be a tad busier these coming ber months.

Anyway, I was invited by Aldous for a mini food crawl in UP Town Center! Got a chance to have a taste of both Shawarma Bros and Manila Creamery.

I arrived just in time with some of the bloggers taking photos of the food. Got to know about the place as well. It's pretty cool, actually. Started by 5 friends with the idea of putting up a place that serves Persian cuisine but with their own taste infused with it. So basically, with a homey Filipino twist! I really like the fact that they have rice plates as a form of "tapa" style, as it's comfortable but still has you exploring different tastes. They've got 3 different branches other than the one in UP Town Center, which just opened 3 weeks ago. It's still undergoing repairs, but it's got a nice ambiance that does fit the millennial taste. I'm sure it'll look better once it's completely up and running!

We started with the pita tostadas and garlic hummus. It was a sinful deep-fried pita paired with good hummus. A bit bland, but does hit the spot, as it's perfectly blended and goes well with the fried pita (Especially when paired with their sauces and keema!).

The nachos tasted great as well, with keema and salsa as toppings. But I do with that the nachos were crunchier, as we got them soggy due to the keema (which had a bit too much oil for my liking). But either way, I would definitely recommend this and the tostadas if you're up for a cheat day that's worth it!

I didn't taste (or take a photo) of the shawarma or burrito, but based on size and the way people smiled and made yummy noises… I'm pretty sure it's worth the price! Definitely coming back for that one.

I got the lamb steak rice plate. I love the seasoning and how the yellow biryani rice matches the lamb and salsa. The lamb was in good chunk sizes and wasn't chewy and nice to bite. Chicken was tender and well-seasoned. Pair it with the garlic yogurt sauce, and you're good to go! I wasn't a huge fan of the cheese dip, as it was a bit salty, and the chili tomato a bit too… Tomato-ey, if that makes sense. Probably my taste, as I don't like tomato in semi-liquid form (So ick to ketchup and tomato juice/paste!). As for their iced tea, it's a nice blend that is similar to Wendy's iced tea (which I love), and isn't the normal Nestea/Lipton blend some restaurants serve.

I also like how the staff was attentive and quick to serve. It took less than 10 minutes for dishes to come out! All in all, it was a great dinner and it filled me up! Definitely worth the price (Average of 150-160 PHP).

Next up, we went to Manila Creamery. Now THIS is what I've been waiting for! After weeks of being ice cream-less, I decided to indulge. Manila Creamery is a gelato place that had a pop-up stall in Glorietta, and is now opening in UP Town Center in 2 more weeks. It started with two partners, Jason Go and Paolo Reyes, who originally planned to open up a burrito store, but funnily enough, ended up with healthy gelato instead! Less fat, less sugar, more love and gelato for me!

They had a pop-up stall (Unfortunately will be closing today, focusing on the opening of their store this month) where they sell 8 very unique and delicious looking flavors: Go! Mango, Kinder Bueno, Truffle Mascarpone, Blueberry Cheesecake, Ube, Ube Langka, Mangga't Suman, and Davao Chocolate. You can top it off with a lil waffle cone piece when you get your big scoop (And boy, is it a nicely portioned scoop!).

I tried it all, because I have no care if I'm going to gain any more weight, LOL! I didn't have time to eat anything but sushi the whole day, so let me be. Plus, a LOT of walking figuring out how to get to UP Town Center in the first place, all the way from Alabang (Answer? Even I don't know how I ended up there. I just thank the Lord for taxicabs).

The Truffle Mascarpone tasted exotic/exquisite, which was pretty cool, but not the best for me. Ube and Ube Langka was pretty good. The tastes were similar, with Ube tasting like genuine ube, and the langka flavor perfectly blended in with the Ube Langka. Go! Mango tasted great as well, your usual mango flavor. Davao Chocolate tasted awesome, as it was made of dark chocolate but still has the sweetness anyone would love. Mangga't Suman is the most interesting, as it comes with  suman  pieces and sprinkled with coco jam topping on top (I forgot the name,argh!). 

But I need to dedicate a paragraph to the Blueberry Cheesecake and Kinder Bueno, the two huge scoops I had. Oh gosh. I love me some blueberry cheesecake, and I absolutely love ice cream and gelato. Mix the two together, and you've got a gal named Issa making moaning noises and commenting on how delicious it is. You can definitely taste the cheesecake mixed with blueberry topping, as if you were eating cheesecake filling itself! Add the graham crumbs combined with the gelato, and… PERFECT. It's the most legit cheesecake flavored gelato/ice cream I have ever had.

Kinder Bueno reminds me of the hazelnut gelato I usually got when I used to go to Powerplant. But it's better because while the hazelnut gelato I usually got was pure chocolate/hazelnut flavor that was too rich, Kinder Bueno flavors have a mix of vanilla and chocolate flavor that makes it one of my favorites.

Left: The two owners of MNL Creamery!
Right: Find someone who takes photos of you like they do with ice cream! :p

It is definitely worth the price and I hope to come back soon for this! Whether it's a cheat day or not, I would definitely recommend their gelato. Better than frozen yogurt and ice cream, as it is way thicker with more flavor. Oh, and healthier, too!

Here are the different branches and where you can order Shawarma Bros (They deliver with Zomato!) & Manila Creamery:

Shawarma Bros:

They have branches in BGC and Pasig. They also deliver via Zomato!BGC: 09773257032 Pasig: 09234473052 / 02-6316556 (Still waiting for their UP Town branch contact number).Twitter - https://twitter.com/ShawarmaBrosInstagram - @shawarmabros

Manila Creamery - UP Town Center: 

0917-599-7653 | manilacreamery@gmail.com
Instagram - @mnlcreamery

More to delicious food and awesome company to share it with! ;)


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