#TeamAldousOn3 1 2 3!!!!!! Wah

This weekend has been pretty productive! Had my first class with whole new subjects, so my new schedule is from 12NN to 6:30PM (Kill me jk!). Right after my class, papa drove me straight to Manila Culinary School for #TeamAldousOn3, celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Team Aldous' blogging group!

When I arrived, I was welcomed and went straight up to the rooftop, which would have been so much more beautiful if only it wasn't raining! Orange Lights and Sounds were the ones who handled the... well, the lights and sounds lol. Needless to say, they did a pretty great job! Like what I said, it would have been such a great design and area if only it wasn't raining. It was really meant for a great night.

Went inside one of the rooms, where I got to know a few other bloggers from Team Aldous! They were really awesome, some of them just getting back from work or class. We were also welcomed with drinks (Which I declined... For now lol). 

Before the slightly late dinner, we checked the photo booth out. Thanks to Fantasy Kiosk, who had awesome service and nicely designed frames. Plus, they were waterproof so being the curious one, I tried it under the rain and it actually IS waterproof, to my amusement! I just wish they had those cute props, and that they were able to print more than one copy of a photo (though I'm sure all photo booths won't be able to do that!)

Once the program started, that's when it was time to eat and check out what The Royal Caterer has got to offer! 

PLEASE excuse my horrible plating. I am not one to organize my food when it comes to buffets. LOL.

 Let me start with the hors d'oeuvre (I literally had to Google the spelling... and the pronunciation... LOL). These didn't really create a huge impact on me, though I would say that the one with liver was my favorite! The one with an egg and tomato with a cherry on top was very interesting, with the sweetness of the cherry, tanginess of the tomato, and savoriness of the egg rolling into one.

They had three different kinds of pasta and sauces. Tried the shrimp and pesto. I would say that the former did not really taste like anything spectacular. The pesto is the one I'd be coming back for the most! Very delicious, especially if paired with angel hair pasta. I like how the pasta was cooked since I'm not a huge fan of al dente or the noodles being very chewy (with the exception of Jollibee!).

Kebabs and sausages with onion rings! I wasn't a huge fan od the kebabs, as they were a bit too tough and bland. But the sausages were great, and the onion rings greater, considering that I LOVE onion rings! Came back for the sausages and onion rings, paired with the creamy yogurt dressing they had (for the kebabs, I think? LOL but they tasted great with the onion rings!). But one thing I did wish was that the batter of the onion rings was more... stable? It falls off easily and wasn't as thick. Either way it t astes great and well-seasoned.

Wantons and... Cordon Bleu? I forgot the other one, as I wasn't a huge fan of the taste. It wasn't cheese, but I think there was chicken stuffed inside? Not sure. The wantons were really good, though. I'm a fan of Chinese food, and these mini wantons did just the thing in pleasing my palate.

The moment I've been waiting for: Dessert! There was: blueberry trifle, mango tapioca, and maja blanca.
Mango tapioca was a bit bland, didn't taste like anything so not much of an impact for me. Blueberry trifle tasted okay, I love the whipped cream, but it was simply bread and cream (which I do like). The maja blanca was my favorite of the bunch. It's a bit creamy but still in that gelatin form, which is the consistency I look for in maja blanca! Sweet but not too sweet, and... Ugh. I could eat all of what was there if I could!

My verdict on The Royal Caterer: Thumbs up! The food was certainly appetizing, though with some tweaks, I'm sure you'll be able to have even better-tasting food.

Please say hello to the delicious cakes and cupcakes of Maraschino Bakeshop! Created by the mom of one of the lovely bloggers I met (Jel!). They had a chocolate indulgence cake with Ferrero Rocher, a red velvet cheesecake, and red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. All 10000/10, I swear! I love that there was a lot of chocolate filling inside that chocolate indulgence, but it wasn't overly sweet as well. The red velvet cheesecake was great, with the cream and cream cheese blending together to make a tangy yet sweet taste. The red velvet cheesecake? Ugh. Can I please take a huge box of em home without feeling guilty about the calories?! While the red velvet cupcake alone would have just been okay, eating it with the icing makes it absolutely delicious. Yes, you can see I'm a huge fan of red velvet and cream cheese.

On to the program, which was hosted by Tony from the Events Masters Manila. It began with performances by Chichay and AM2. Really great and talented voices and they definitely weren't the ones who made it rain that night! There were performances by a few bloggers themselves, LOL.

There was also a presentation on The Royal Caterer and what it was all about (It was their reopening of their catering business). Got their prices on different menus and packages, which were pretty fairly priced, considering the services and food they've got to offer.

Then the party began with drinks from Wild Cocktails! All I can say is that it was my first time taking shots that were on fire?! Hahaha Love their mojitos, they tasted great! If I weren't so lightweight, I would probably be taking shots and mojitos all night! :p

Before I left, we had a quick tour of the Manila Culinary School, and they have a really cool kitchen. Even my sister was impressed with the equipment and design.

Needless to say, I had a great time. Met a lot of awesome people and got to taste great food and drinks! Great place, great company, great food = a great way to cap off a Saturday night after classes. Hope to do it again sometime! :p

You can contact The Royal Caterer here: (02) 455 5783 or 0917-670-0289
You can also visit them at 663 J. Wright St. San Juan!

Manila Culinary School: (02) 724-2756
You can also visit them at 663 J. Wright St. San Juan!

Wild Cocktails (Derick De Borja): 0908-861-8424

Maraschino Bakeshop: https://www.facebook.com/maraschinobakeshop

Fantasy Kiosk Booth: 0917-855-5100

Orange Lights and Sounds: 0917-806-0980

To the next events to come!


  1. Love having you a part of the team, Issa! =)


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