#IssaEats: 7Flavors!

I don't really get why I even bother apologizing and promising for more posts to come, I never do it anyway. :( But swear, I'm trying my best!

ANYWAY, what I forgot to post was about Mt. Batolusong & my recent food trips in... well, almost everywhere in Metro Manila (But you can check my Zomato account for that, since I would most likely blog if it's REALLY worth it!). But for now, let me begin again, so erase erase erase!

Now, let me talk to you about 7Flavors.

7Flavors has been open since last year, while I was still studying in PUP San Juan. It's just a tumble away, with our EdBoard interviewing the one handling the restaurant at one point (wasn't able to make it since it was at night and my parents were still very strict and only wanted to drive me around than commute haha). I actually went here a few times before, ordering either from their a la carte menu or from the bakery. I never got to try out their buffet due to the fact that 1 I suffer from the fear of going to buffets and losing control, eating everything in sight until I'm about to burst (which has unfortunately happened more than once), and 2 I always forgot about 7Flavors when it came to buffets!

Thanks to Aldous, I was invited to try their buffet last Friday (Aug 5)!
Due to heavy traffic, I arrived there at about 7:30-8PM (Just from Megamall on a rainy night aka ultimate rush hour), but that didn't stop me from trying EVERYTHING (except the salad bar!). Met a bunch of cool bloggers and had a nice conversation with one of them about PH heritage and history! Maybe next time I'll be going on one of his trips and explore Manila the way I never have before. :p

What they had from the mains were:

Rice and Yang Chow - What can you expect from rice? Yummy and carb-alicious (Did I actually just say that?!)
Vegetable Garden (Basically sauteed cucumber, carrots, and other assorted veggies) - A bit undercooked, but will do!
Korean Salmon Head, Seafood Creole - Love these two dishes!
Soy tofu - Sauteed tofu in soy sauce, nothing very special
Fried fish escabeche - It was good, but nothing memorable, except for the funny way I pronounce it
Beef kare kare - They cooked this with banana heart, which is interesting and delicious, as I LOVE me some banana heart!
Baked pork pastel and Chicken Ala Orange - A bit bland, while the latter was a bit too citrusy (with lemon, though it says orange haha)
Chami - Noodlesssss, my absolute kryptonite!

Please excuse my horrible plating, I was starving and wanted to try everything after eating only oatmeal for brunch (Yes, I was waiting for this!).

They also had:

Sushi - Yes, yes, and yes! I love sushi, and this did just the thing for my cravings

Pizza bites and roast beef with gravy - The pizza dough was very chewy, which I didn't really like. But my sister liked it, complimenting the margherita pizza. I like the roast beef, but a bit too chewy, so typical Issa went for the fatty part lol

Pork something something with Korean sauce - Wrap this with lettuce! I didn't go get lettuce because naaah I'm in a buffet, I ain't got time for vegetables in a buffet wahaha

They even had a taco bar, which my sister loved! This is the must-try. I love the beef and dressing. Needless to say, I just got all the beef, cheese and dressing. Huhu.

They also had bread and butter as well. It reminded me or a cross between pan de sal and putok (if that's the name). Wish there was a toaster for it though, since it was a bit cold and stale.

Salad bar - They had all the nice vegetables from lettuce, macaroni salad, fruits, and all the dressings. It seemes pretty great, but after living off purely vegetables and baduya in Tagaytay while I went on mini-retreat mode, I had no time for that! :P

They had 4 drinks: Water (LOL), red tea, OJ, and lemonade.

Now, on to the desserts! This was actually the first one I went to, but I resisted 'til I was done with all the savory. That was a miracle itself haha here's what they had:

Maja blanca, brownie bites, ube shortcake, chocolate cake, crinkles, calamansi bars, mango graham something, mango panna cotta, fruit salad - The only notable ones would be the calamansi bar, fruit salad, and the mango graham. The rest were either bland, a bit stale, or just not very exceptional, if that makes sense. I could only finish half of some of the bite sized items, which was pretty unusual for the gal who has such a huge sweet tooth she could eat raw sugar and butter together.

They also had a make your own halo-halo station, which was pretty neat, but there wasn't much to say about it. I overloaded on saba and milk, making saba con yelo more so than halo-halo itself.

But the one I've been waiting for: ICE CREAM! They have chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. I loved the strawberry and vanilla flavors more so than chocolate (Though I binge on nutella, I have always hated chocolate cake or ice cream).

When dining with other bloggers hahaha

We also ordered their shakes, watermelon something and pineapple-banana. Really nice presentation-wise, and only 50 PHP! That, and the portion size is good. Really liked the taste of pineapple-banana shake, but not so much of the watermelon. Then again, I hate watermelon so I'm not a good judge!

Ground floor

Buffet area

Here is the interior of both buffet (2nd floor) and the a la carte dining. you can reserve any of the two for parties or any event, and it's pretty spacious! Head that they will be hosting a wedding reception the next day. Another cool thing is that they've got acoustic sessions from 2-8PM.

The place is pretty chill and perfect for those who want to stay for the bakery or dinner. I think I prefer going through the a la carte menu or bakery, as I'm not one for buffets (I was filled with ice cream and sushi after lol). Plus, they've got free Wi-Fi! So if I'm in San Juan area again and looking for somewhere to stay, I know where I'll be headed off to. ;)

Rates (Btw, best to call for reservation for the buffet or when wanting them to cater to your event):
Mon-Thurs Lunch is 400 PHP, while Dinner is 500 PHP
Fri-Sun & Holiday Lunch or Dinner is 600 PHP

Address: 196 A. Mabini St., Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan City
Contact: 543-0325 / 542-1935 / 503-6750 / 0917-670-0291 / 0933-417-7387
Facebook: http://facebook.com/7flavorsphilippines
Website: 7flavors.webs.com

Yay for more food trips and a bloated tummy! Next post coming soon: Mt. BatuLOVE hahaha!


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