#ISSAGOesplaces: weekend meanderings! {040216-040316}

Happy Monday (???)! Mondays-Tuesdays are usually bleh days for me since I'm sedentary and on my butt the whole day or running errands, basically doing adult-ish (As green as that seems) stuff that makes me freaked yet excited about actually going into the world of adulthood. But I hate the fact that I don't really exercise much during these days. I actually woke up at 10AM today!

Because I usually work with contractors from different countries and time zones, I'm usually writing assigned articles late afternoon to night. I already updated my posts for sale and am currently negotiating with some sellers and buyers. I'll be going to the bank after this to pay for something (more on that next week!!) and to fix my account for Paypal & Skrill (such is the life of a freelancer). 

But before that, I'm taking advantage of the assignment-less morning and writing a quick blog post about the first weekend of April!

Top from H&M, pants from Just Right, lucky denim jacket from the thrift shop (it was literally 99 cents!), shoes from Puma
C H A R I suck at fashion

April 2, 2016 - Had our MBC Youth meeting for the upcoming Vice Presidential Debates on April 10 and the elections on May 9! Partnered with CNN PH for the VP debates, so will be going to UST on Sunday to watch and report about it, and actually have ID's and look legit (I just went for the ID jk).  I'll hopefully be assigned in the news center on the election day itself, or will be around my local area.

After that and had lunch (What I love about attending seminars and workshops are the free food jk), I walked around for a bit and talked with some people, waiting for Star City to open!

Went with a good friend and kinda celebrated her birthday! Since my time was limited (2-3PM), we decided to go to the big rides and rode four that just made both of us sick after. L o l.

It kinda sucks that I'm not super excited when it comes to visiting amusement parks anymore. I used to love roller coasters and riding everything, but now I get easily dizzy and sick by the slightest movements, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to. That, or maybe I prefer EK better since it's an outdoor park with prettier colors and more rides!

Once 3PM rolled in, we went back to MBC because I was guesting for our weekly news channel, Boses ng Kabataan! We talked about life as a working student and how job are scarce. Just realized how competitive it can get when it comes to looking for jobs after graduation or even while studying, since there are a LOT of young people looking for employment to support themselves or their family. As sweet as it is, I wish the government would focus on working on education and scholarships for the youth, and giving benefits for those who can't afford such education. In my opinion, a student should be focusing on their education rather than multitask supporting their family and studying. After all, that's why we're studying. Then again, this is coming from someone who wants to work herself, so...

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a DJ or junior jock at a radio station. But I'm pretty bad at public speaking and have had a few bad experiences with it, though I love reporting and talking with groups. I don't know, my train of thought stops when talking, unless I'm reading it or know exactly what I'm saying. I tend to blabber a lot and mutter incoherent words when I start to forget what my point is, so while it's a funny mannerism, it sucks since it's my field of interest/chosen career path!

(("Fun" fact: I've joined three extemporaneous speech competitions, spoke at a seminar and have emceed for various events in campus! And there's performing stuff on stage. But I still don't have the confidence to talk in front of people))

Commuted to my place! *Takes random photo during my walk/commute lolz
It only took some walking, a jeep and a bus going back. Kinda proud of myself for figuring out how to commute on my own (after asking numerous people huhu)

I commuted going back to my place (I am still so proud at the fact I can do this!) and made it to Victory! Really like worship service, it uplifts my mood and just makes me feel the presence of God around me and other people. I got to talk with one of the leaders (I lost my phone so I couldn't contact her or find her during previous services) and scheduled a dinner with her this Wednesday! Then the usual dinner (yay for tofu sisig!), work, binge watch ss vs ss, and went back to the house.

It was about judgment and confidence with yourself and faith in God, the last series of the Apostle's Creed. Really puts things in perspective. For me, if you give it all up to God, you feel like you'll be able to do everything under His guidance and support. Knowing He's there makes me confident and thankful in what I do and keeps me working to reach my dreams! It's not just about having faith, but also doing your part in achieving what you want. After all, He can't do everything if you do nothing!

April 3, 2016: I caught up with some high school friends in the morning and had lunch! One of them's leaving for Germany (she was only here for vacation) that night, so since I wasn't able to see her since she arrived, I commuted going north to see her!

Spent a lot just to "Bang a Balloon" (That sounded so... Ok). Commute going to Valenzuela (So far but worth it! First time there, so pretty cool) was a jeep going to LRT, then the LRT going to Monumento, and a jeep going to a landmark near my friend's place. Going back to my condo was just one bus!

Anyway, after that, I ended up commuting to my place only to realize I didn't have my keys and had to wait for over an hour for my dad and sister to come. I was very irritable at that point ((I just wanted to rest or start working. That and the fact my phone was running out of battery didn't help)), so I just ended up walking and eating popcorn by the lounge of the condo. I got restless and went back to the mall and saw that they were having a free watercolor lesson, so being bored and wanting to do something with my life, why nut chocnut!

Your next Leonardo da Vinci jk. I do not know how to draw or do anything artistic but write, so while I've always wanted to try painting or drawing real life things, it sucks I don't have the imagination or the eye to even draw a stick person properly. But hey, I'm not shutting down the idea of practicing this! The instructor was very nice and told me I was "dramatic and serious" and that "may hinhugutan yata 'to", which is partly true. Kidding. I might go to the next one this week, it's pretty fun!

After I finally met with my dad and sister and got in the condo, got a set of assignments and went straight to work, had dinner, more work, and ended up sleeping v late mindlessly browsing forums. Great way to end the Sunday. Bleh.

To more assignments and productivity and other fun things! Won't have the time to go someplace outside of town because of some errands I need to do, dates with friends and events I'm planning to attend, but hopefully next week will be different and I can go climbing in Pico de Loro or go to Burot, Batangas! ;-)

See you next week!


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