#ISSAGOesplaces: weekly meanderings! {032516-033016}

Was so close to not blogging because of laziness! No wonder I stopped the past few months...
Anyway, I'm not making excuses anymore. I've done my assignments, edited photos, have no one to talk to (I'm not making parinig... Or am I? Kidding), so I better do this now or never!

Please bear with the title. You don't know how many people I've consulted and the hours I spent thinking of a good pun to match my name. It was #ISSAGOes places or #ISSAngAdventure, and the former was the lesser evil.

SO, what has happened to Issa since the last week of March?

Not much. Kidding. Well. Hmm.
I had to backtrack and check my planner to see what I did the past few days... You see how forgetful I am? I can remember times when I was 3 years old but forget what I had for lunch this afternoon (It was chicken lol).

March 25-26: Mama's birthday hooplah! Tagaytay + Batangas (Those photos to follow with another blog post, the photos are coming from my oh so talented cousin huehue thanks, Dayne!)

Baywatch PH show premieres this Friday on Channel 2038083108! Huehue

March 27: Work and spoken word @ Splice! Oh gosh, it was my first time to join open mic, it was pretty nerve-wracking. Being someone who has pretty bad public speaking skills, I'm pretty glad I made it through and managed to not shake throughout the whole piece. I won't go on about what I said specifically, as it's pretty stupid (I didn't even tell my mom!), but I WILL say that I'll be doing it again soon! I even won a pillow from their raffle.

No photos of me (BOO), but here's the neat pillow I got!

March 28-29: The worst two days of my life. No decent internet since I left for Tagaytay, so that meant almost a week of not being able to work properly, stuck in bed, suffering from breakdowns and a lot of anxiety attacks. Didn't help that I binged last Saturday night (3,000 calories worth of Nutella, PB, bread and milk. How I still love them all is a mystery). My journal says nothing about it but a few words of negativity and bleh-ness. I'd rather not go back to this time. Ah well.

March 30: Still a bleh day, but I managed to get my butt off the bed this time and attend service, which really lifted my mood! My sister forgot the key in the condo and we didn't have the duplicate, so it delifted my dad's mood lol. That, and it was my last day of having Subway (!!). I had it for lunch and dinner, and my dad was slightly worried, but glad when I reassured it was the last. It was also the first time I was left in the condo alone for the night since I needed to get up early to go backpacking down south with some friends!

Perfect morning by the lot!

More on that on my next blog post! ;)


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