#ISSAGOesplaces: Holi Festival! {032016}

Long time no post!
Instead of repetitive apologies, I'll just get straight to the point.
A LOT has happened over the past few months, lots of ups and downs. While the roller coaster ride isn't over yet, I'm ready to start writing and actually getting out of this rut I was in since my last post.

I promised myself a great summer before another semester begins. I'll be posting what happened before that (and my future plans!) in another post, when I'm ready and everything's all good to go. Restarting this blog with the Holi Festival, the best way to celebrate the start of summer!

March 18, Friday - Celebrated the last day of Financial Management in Circuit Makati. One thing to cross off my bucket list: Attend a music festival and have a few drinks by the fields (The skate park was closed, boo).

March 19, Saturday - Papa spoke at a seminar, had my last PE class and got a good grade. Finally told my block of my plans. Sister's moving up ceremony in PICC.

March 20, Sunday - Holi Festival!

A lil background: I volunteered to take part of the Holi Festival a few weeks back and was put in charge of food and supplies.

I arrived in MOA at about 10:30AM and we were briefed about what to do and all that jazz. We had lunch and made some last minute preparations, fixing food booths and talking to performers about what they need.

1:30PM and everything started. People started coming in, purchasing tickets and the music started playing. I started feeling the beat and enjoying the singing, despite not understanding a word of what they were saying! Once my job with food was through, I started looking for more things to do, eventually giving out free gulab jamun, an Indian sweet made of dough and caramel.

Thank you to Ted Orsenado for the photos!

Screaming out free sweets and saying hi to everyone was so fun, you got to meet and interact with others and laugh when they look at you with skepticism and wonder what exactly we were giving and why.

Once that was finished (All 1,000 sweets!), we ended up going under the sun and into the registration booth, welcoming newcomers with a slap in the face (kidding, just a pat) with colored powder. We threw a LOT of colored powder at everyone, eventually getting messed up ourselves. At this point, my whole body was colored in pink, hair included.

Thank you to Ted Orsenado for the photos!

I loved every minute of it! Being under the sun = a sunburnt nose and a lot of pain from running and doing errands, but it was so worth seeing everyone smile. Being behind the scenes and helping make the event a success was definitely a fulfilling experience. Made a lot of new friends and ended up looking like an idiot roaming around MOA colored in pink and green. I am DEFINITELY doing this again!


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