#issamakes: no bake pb cereal bars!

One thing some of you don't know about me: I LOVE to bake and cook. Since I started on my "fitness journey", I became in charge of planning dinner and making my own lunches (just a sandwich when I'm too lazy to go out but that should count!).

Some of the stuff I've attempted to do. Yes I've made three cheesecakes because aside from PB, I love me some cream cheese!

That being said, I can have people confirm that I am NOT a good cook. I have my glory days when the food I make pass the family's taste buds (which is fortunately most of the time), but there are times I make mistakes (which is also unfortunately a lot, too). I've accidentally put two cups of salt in a cheesecake thinking it was sugar, accidentally put chocolate chips in corn bread when it was supposed to be for my cookie dough, burnt pancakes, produced overbitter ampalaya (yes, ampalaya can be more bitter and is more disgusting that way!), and the list goes on and on. Thankfully, my parents are understanding people who've supported me althroughout my cooking journey, from hi-5ing me when the food's that good to faking yummy noises when I create yet another abomination.

Anyway, since summer started, I've been bored out of my mind. Besides postponing my studying for upcoming exams, I've started experimenting around the kitchen more.

So far, I've tried a lot of things I WILL post throughout the month, but this would be the first one. I got tired of eating the usual cereal and milk for breakfast, and since I'm not a huge fan of bread (other than the sandwiches I make for lunch since I'm not so keen on rice but need the carbs), I needed something to do with the pb rather than eat it alone (which I would do if I wouldn't be judged by my dad hihi). Now because of having buttloads of bland cereal and lots of peanut butter I can't wait to devour, I now introduce to you my pb cereal bars!

Omnomnomnomnom pb omnomnom crunchy sweet omnomnom

((PB APPRECIATION PARAGRAPH! It may be that fit/athletic girl cliche about loving pb, but I just LOVE pb. I love how smooth it looks when I take a spoonful of it and I love how crunchy it is when I bite into it [if I do take consume crunchy pb, but I prefer smooth)]. It may be high in fat [not a great protein source mind you], but if you knew me well enough, you'd know I love pb on almost anything. You can find me in campus having a pb and banana sandwich or at home having a pb banana smoothie, or me just having pb and banana, or having pb alone. My addiction with bananas is another story.))


- 1/2 cup peanut butter

- 1/2 cup honey or corn syrup

- 3 cups Toasty O's/Cheerios/whatever cereal you have there


- saucepan

- a pan (8×8 if ever) lined with parchment paper

- your measuring cups

- a knife

- a spatula (that thing you use to get pizza or whatever... do you call that a spatula?? Hahaha)

- your fridge (ermmmm)

How to:

1.) In your saucepan, boil the pb and honey/corn syrup together under medium heat and keep stirring for about 3 minutes or until both ingredients are combined. You can also microwave it for around 1-2 minutes and stir it after.

2.) Pour in the cereal and stir until everything's covered. Pour the mixture in the pan and press it down a bit to help it stick together.

Step #2: Like so, but maybe less messier than I did it! Use a better pan hihi I used the saucepan bc lazy girl wanted to use one pot. And use parchment paper! Unlike me, I'm in my condo and forgot to bring...

3.) Refrigerate it for an hour or until it's firm. Cut it into 9 squares (or how many you want) and you can eat em or store them in the fridge again!

Oop calorie count:

- Algood PB = 720 calories

- Peotraco corn syrup = 480 calories

- Toasty-O's = 360 calories

= 1,560 calories ÷ 9 squares = 174 calories a square! A square makes a good snack, or a bar (2-3 squares) makes a good to-go breakfast.

I love how simple it is to make. And the fact that it's budget friendly with only 3 ingredients you probably have at home makes it better. What makes it the best is not only the fact that it's peanut butter, but because it's also low calorie! +1 for Issa!

If you want more more great recipes and product reviews from our friends at the Village Bakery! ;)

I noticed that it's been a long time since I blogged. A lot of things have happened the past few months, most of it I'll also be sharing throughout summer, if I have the time. Unfortunately, I don't, since summer classes are starting. But I'll do my best to keep posting at a weekly basis! :-)

Either way, this blog will feel more of my words soon.


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