#issaeats: Kanto Freestyle Breakfast & Egg-It @ Kapitolyo

I have found the two greatest places to eat breakfast in. Or to have my midnight snack in. Or to eat whenever in. But let's just describe it as the best places for breakfast, though I had it for dinner.

Today, I went to help edit articles for Paraseist @ Pegi Waffles then went to the condo for some meetups and ran 8.5km (10k, I'm coming for youuu). For dinner, we went out to Kapitolyo to see what else they've got (Bullchef and Pomodoro has left only nice things in our minds when thinking about Kapitolyo), and we found Kanto Freestyle Breakfast and Egg-It!
Stolen from Kanto because too shy to take a photo of the crowds

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast actually has four branches. The main one is in Mandaluyong, I think, while the other three are in Kapitolyo, Marikina and Libis. It's a hole-in-the wall that is again a bit hidden but in front of Kitchen Diaries and Crepeman (another two places to try out soon!).

For a place focused on breakfast, there were a LOT of people during the night. Expect to wait for around 15-30 minutes for a table and another 15-20 minutes for your meal (not only because of the many customers they're serving, but also because they cook it from the ground up, which can be a pro or a con, depending on how hungry you are).

I love how everything's under 100 PHP. I love anything less than 100 PHP tihi

I didn't want to order much since I was already eyeing Egg-It for dessert, so I ordered the Honey Garlic Chicken (95 PHP) while papa ordered Spanish Sardines Tempura (95 PHP) (This really intrigued me!). Their menu consists of you guessed it, breakfast items! They also offer stuff you usually won't have for breakfast such as the Pork Belly and Honey Garlic Chicken, but most of it ranges from pancakes to french toast to breakfast items like bacon or Spam. Would love to try their Vigan longganisa sometime. They've also got deep fried Cloud 9 and Oreos, which caught my eye but didn't take a fancy with my stomach.

When our meals finally arrived, I was surprised to see how filling it all looked. For prices less than 100 PHP, it definitely made me full after!

The Honey Garlic Chicken tasted delicious. They didn't scrimp on the honey at all! I loved how it tasted both sweet and salty at the same time, and the fact that they drizzled honey all over the plate was pretty great too, considering of how much of a sweet tooth I'm beginning to have. The chicken was tender while the skin was crunchy, and just describing it right now makes me want to go back and order another one. The garlic rice tasted so good, it tasted great together. What I didn't like was the sauce, which was just plain mayonaise, I think? But I did like the tomato slices with pesto, though it didn't match the taste of the chicken (I ate it alone).

Papa's Spanish Sardines tempura tasted interesting. Just like regular shrimp tempura, but with Spanish sardines instead of shrimp, it felt like a Japanese style breakfast for some reason. It was the perfect kind of crunchy but the sardines made it a bit chewy, which was good for me!

Place: 8/10 (Crowded, noisy and while it's a medium-sized place, they took advantage of the space to make room for more customers, making the tables close to each other, but not so close to eavesdrop on conversations. It wasn't really cramped, and we were fine, nonetheless! The design was a bit chill, though with all the noise and music, I don't think anyone can be hahaha)
Service: 9/10 (They were really nice, despite the overflowing crowd and all. They were very attentive and always smiling)
Food + price: 9.5/10 (om nom nom nom om I'm trying out the pancakes and french toast next time I go here!)
Overall: 9/10! I am definitely going back here! And the fact that it's 24 hours makes it a better reason to go back when I feel like I want my pancakes at 2 in the morning.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast (Kapitolyo Branch)
Address: 1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact #: 02 7755428

Egg-It is a five minute walk from Kanto Freestyle. It's right beside Pomodoro actually, which was what made me want to visit Egg-It.The place is small but the design was cute, more like a pastel picnic sort of design. Wooden tables, cute flower centerpieces and a with sky blue as the main color, I can't help but feel like I was in a baby boy's room!

 All waffles are 90 PHP. They've also got an all day breakfast for 185 PHP, but if that's the case, I'd rather go to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.

It's a waffle place, perfect for breakfast or dessert. And it isn't just like any kind of waffles, I've seen. It's a Hong Kong style egg waffle, with spherical shapes instead of the normal waffle I've had from Pegi. I ordered two flavors in one, Bananutella and Mango Caramel (110 PHP). When it came, I was sure that it was good enough for two people. The waffle was big! And it tasted so good. It wasn't very sweet but just right. The waffle tasted fluffy and I loved the mix of both flavors when I tried them together. Personally, I prefer the mango caramel (probably because I got sawa with bananas wahaha).

Place: 9/10 (Cute design, small place. There aren't much people based on the two times I went (They usually takeout, maybe?), so I feel like the size is perfect)
Service: 9/10 (The two people manning the place were sweet and cute [yes the guy was cute, definitely a huge plus tihi])
Food + price: 9/10 (Yummy and big waffles good for two [maybe three if you're tiny or not hungry!] people at a reasonable price of 90 PHP each is a huge thumbs up from me!)
Overall: 9/10! When the waffle cravings come and I'm in the condo, I'm definitely coming here. When the waffle cravings come when I'm in campus, Pegi is to the rescue. When I'm at home, might as well just make my own or cry myself to sleep, waffle-less.

Address: 6F San Rafael Corner Santa Rosa Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/eggitwaffle
Cotnact #: +63 9152696424

What I love about Kapitolyo is that it's 10 minutes away from where I'm from and that there are a LOT of places that serve delicious and filling dishes for under 200 PHP! It makes me feel guilty for not going to Zarks, but I forget all about it once I start tasting the variety of food Metro Manila (or Kapitolyo specifically) has to offer. Who wants to bet that I'll be getting fatter from all this?! Tihi no regrets.


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