#issaeats: Dusadee Thai @ Aguirre, Paranaque

I meant to post this two weeks ago but forgot!
Anyway, let me tell you now before I go into this review: I am a fan of Asian food. I love Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and basically anything Asian (and European, Italian, American... or anything I see that looks good!). Except Korean. As much as I LOVE Korean food, I never quite got how you eat it (that and I get too lazy to cook meat on my own and make my own wrap), which makes me feel frustrated and stupid when I try eating it.

Enough about that. Let me talk to you about Thai food. While each country has their own different tastes, I've always loved Thai the most. There was something about the taste of Pad Thai and their version of curry I've always liked. This was the reason why I was craving for something Thai. And while I would usually eat at Som's or Sen Lek, I was curious as to what Dusadee had to offer.

Sorry I never take outside photos of the place, I don't want to seem like I'm a snoop or anything!

Dusadee is a hole-in-the-wall in Paranaque, inside BF Homes Aguirre. It's a bit hard to find, but is beside Blue Republic, a clothes outlet I'd like to visit the next time I eat in Dusadee. One thing I like about the place is that it's PURPLE! I love the color tihi. The place is small and from what I saw, seems like a lot of people frequent Dusadee, too. It's a simple place; no aircon and with just the cold winds keeping you at the right body temperature (Though for me, it was particularly cold that night; I was freezing! Then again, I always freeze). If only there were more tables or they had a bigger place, because I can see that they have a lot of customers, too.

What caught my eye was the price of each dish. Everything was under 150 PHP and still looked good. Their bagoong rice meals were just 80 PHP while they also offered other dishes for more or less 120 PHP. I ordered their chicken bagoong rice (80 PHP), my dad ordered the Pad Thai (120 PHP) and my sister ordered the spring rolls (85 PHP) and chicken curry (100 PHP). I also ordered their special Thai iced tea (45 PHP)

No photo of the spring rolls :-(

I'll start off with their bagoong rice meal. For 80 PHP, I can say that it was one of the most sulit meals. Both a great dish in taste and price, this is something I would be ordering again and again whenever the Thai cravings in me kick in. While most people think mixing green mango and rice is a bit odd, I happen to love the sourness of the mango mixed together with my meal. That and the chili! The sweetness of the chicken + saltiness of the bagoong rice + sour mango + spicy chili = a whole new feeling even my taste buds can't describe. It isn't something I'd die for, but it is something I could eat all day.

 Papa's Pad Thai was delicious, though as much as I love Pad Thai, I can't handle the amount of calories it holds! I had a few bites and it tastes great, but similar to most Pad Thais I've tasted. They didn't scrimp on the nuts, and that's what I liked about it!

My sister's chicken curry was... average. It wasn't bad nor was it a delicious dish. I would prefer a bagoong rice meal over it. Her spring rolls on the other hand were delicious! Four yummy medium sized spring rolls for only 85 PHP? Issa approves.

The special Thai iced tea tasted yummyyyyyyyyyy. Similar to milk tea but even better! Also better than Som's. The taste is addicting, really.

We were stuffed after, and when we got the bill, I was surprised that it was under 450 PHP (430 PHP, to be exact). Pretty nice, comparing it to the 500-600 PHP we spend on our usual Zark's or Brooklyn Pizza.

My verdict?
Place: 8.5/10 (While the simple and purple design is a plus for me, the place is a bit cramped)
Service: 8/10 (They were just-the-right amount of nice customer service)
Food and price: 9/10
Overall: 8.5/10! I love their Thai food and though the dishes taste similar or sometimes a bit better than the places I frequent in, I can get it in a much more affordable price and is near home! Definitely going back here again for Tom Yum and iced tea!

Dusadee Thai
Address: 40 Aguirre Avenue, ParaƱaque, Metro Manila
Contact #: (02) 216 2571


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