first ever look of 2014!

The moment sem break ended, I had an asthma attack and am still feeling sort of bleh until today. I celebrated my two week anniversary with my asthma two days ago. Funny how my asthma stuck to me longer than most relationships.

I'm still feeling bad, so I decided what better way to make myself feel better than to dress up? I brought out the bandeau top my aunt gave me a week before, found interest on my mom's kimono jacket, and of course, my oh-so-favorite shorts, and an outfit is made!

I was in my mom's apartment the time I took photos, so I was only wearing my blue Adidas running shoes. But if I had a choice, I may have worn my combat shoes from CAT.

Does there have to be inspiration when wearing what I want to wear, though? I just felt like wearing something I feel is hipster. And plus, I've been meaning to wear something like this ever since I was 15, learned about the term hipster, and was aspiring to be thin enough to wear something like this.. So basically, this was my ultimate dream outfit since 2012.

Don't bother asking why I love looking up or down when taking a photo, I just can't seem to be photogenic enough to make eye contact with the camera.

But when I DO feel like looking at the camera...

Bandeau top - Decree
Kimono jacket (??) - Cotton On
High waist shorts - Forever 21
Belt - CAT days!
Shoes (not seen) - Adidas
Little bracelet trinkets + I <3 BOOBIES baller! - Lovely friends
Watch - NY&C

Thank you to my very supportive mother for always taking my photos and for being okay with it when I raid her closet. And I apologize for all the filters I used (thank you to VSCO, too). I'll try to tone it down a bit.

Besides the outfit, I'm going to start working (writing/tutoring [hopefully!]/continuing my online business) next week, once I feel better! My asthma's taken a toll on my exercise habits, too. I'll start running with my gym buddy on Saturday, and hopefully swim and start strength training to tone my body.

I want to do so many things! From updating my Soundcloud to making a Youtube account for DIYs to baking... Wow. It's a lot on my plate, but for now, I've got to start studying and doing my homework before I'm picked up at 3pm. We're going to Tagaytay later!

See ya! ;-)
- Issa


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