Currently suffering from very, VERY slow internet and a confused brain. I'll need to cover an event for our campus publication tomorrow at 8-12, go to class at 1-3, then go and *hopefully* finish the layout from 3-5 in the afternoon. After 5, I've got no idea what's next. Probably continue the layouting, get ready for the seminar I'll be speaking in next week, and my homework. Yikes.

But enough about that! Last Wednesday, I went to Tagaytay with my aunt and mum, but stayed there for just a bit before going back home. I didn't expect it to be so cold, assuming that we're in a country that's almost never cold, but I brought my favorite #insta sweater, just in case. As always, goin' for the hipster casual kind of look, I guess.

I apologize for the blurred/filter-induced photos! Blurred since it was nearing sunset and I did not want flash unless it was pitch dark (Or basically night/very dark setting).

Being such like your typical white girl, I wore shorts but also a sweater and boots? I couldn't resist wearing my favorite sweater on a day I know it would be cold (which is rare!), and the boots for the sake of using it. I did NOT pay 900 PHP for something I'll only use for senior year.

The top was raided from my sister's closet, a hobby I've grown so used to ever since I lost some weight and realized we finally wore the same size.

Sweater - Decoded
Top - Attik
Shorts - Next Jeans
Combat boots - CAT days

The shorts came from my mom, they're an old pair of hi-waist shorts from her 90s closet. I just made it more 2014 (a.k.a. more like a prostitute jk). Destressing shorts is easy; Cut 'em short, grab a pair of tweezers, ready your patience, and start pulling!

I'm pretty sure you won't want to keep looking at photos of the things I wear, so do expect my next post to be the second most favorite thing in my life: food. And don't worry, the photos will not go through any VSCO process of any kind!

For now, I need to get all these done by tomorrow!

To do list for Issa this weekend so she can be free for a day or two:
- Accounting & English homework
- Paraseist layout
- Photography seminar (Need to do a powerpoint presentation wah)
- Buy my Accounting book (I hope to have this done next week)
- Filipino & Marketing & Psychology report (But I haven't gotten my topics yet so this will e done on Tuesday)

The first three should be done today (Saturday), just so there's not much weight on my back later on.

By Sunday or Monday, I should be able to start running and working out again. My lung capacity is as low as... whatever's really low at the moment. I should also start working/writing! And give it a few days of getting used to having a life and actually doing something besides scrolling through my timeline, I'll actually be able to do the things I actually want to do, like explore Metro Manila or go ice skating or take loads of photos.

Before I ramble on and on about my life and how I'm wasting it, I'll log off and start sleeping. It'll benefit both you and me tihi

Next blog post will either be Saturday night or Sunday morning (rain is falling~ ok i couldn't resist). See you then! ;-)


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