Issa 2014

Wow, it's been over a YEAR since I last posted and saw this blog! This time, I promise to post regularly.

Now, what has happened to Issa during the past year?

For starters, I'm in college! Yes, I'm finally in college, suffering enjoying my second semester as a freshman. My course? Accountancy. Wish me luck! I'm also now part of our campus publication as layout artist, and part of Lifebox, a life group that devotes their time to helping students become leaders through the guidance of God (Can you believe it?!).

Second, I lost almost 50 pounds since the last time I posted. WHEEEEE this is what makes me super happy! Sooner or later, I'll create a post about my weight loss journey and how I did it. In the meantime, you can check my Tumblr a.k.a. fitblr for my personal posts and stats.

Just to compare: The day I last posted (PROM March 17, 2013!) to October 21, 2014.
A year and a half difference. ;-)

Last but not least! Ever since my weight loss and college days started, I've become more confident and learned to open up and become myself towards others. You won't find me slumped in one corner crying over my nonexistent social life anymore, because I;m starting to get out there and become the person I've always wished to be: myself.

I cannot believe I've changed in so many ways since the past year. If you told me this is where I'd be today, I wouldn't have believed you. But thank you, past Issa, for doing your squats and studying hard. ^.^

I promise to post once, twice, maybe even thrice a week! Expect a lot of my "looks", recipes (I'm trying to bake, please bear with me!), DIYs, and more personal posts.

Another post coming up in a few minutes, tihi


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