It's time to bury my camera in my garden.
Actually, maybe just the lens. I use an 18-55mm lens and just a few weeks back, it's been starting to fail me with its frequent ERROR 99 messages, usually when the aperture is above 6.3! I've tried every solution found on the net but to no avail. My cousin solved the problem by cleaning the lens' contacts, but it solved the problem temporarily, and now I'm pretty bummed out by the fact that I have no choice but to throw it away or sell it for parts.

Anyone had this sort of problem too? It's giving me the appearance tat Canon has a lot of issues when it comes to their lenses! Plus their service sucks, I remember going to their office for my faulty Canon D10 (had to exchange it for a new camera thrice because of water coming in the lens [it's waterproof]) and I had to wait for more than a month for a new set. Anyway, this is probably just me. My camera takes great pictures, but most of the time I feel that the quality is too "soft" in a way, unlike the Nikon DSLR I owned, which produced sharp and great photos.
Welp, listen to me rant. I'm just pretty annoyed with Canon right now. I might turn back to Nikon after I get the money, or buy that 55-200mm lens I've always wanted!
Today, I e-mailed Canon and hopefully I get a quick reply and get my lens repaired/throw it down the trash to get an excuse to buy another set of lens or a new DSLR!


  1. good luck with your camera! I hope everything gets solved soon and you can post photos again.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. still hasn't been resolved, definitely buying a new one! >.<


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