Like I promised! A DIY cross cropped top!
Anyway, I did this weeks before school started, so obviously I was bored. I was thinking about my old school's skirt, which was checkered and red, so I thought that it would match a plain white cropped top and leggings. Well, I didn't have a plain white cropped top, so I just cut out one of the shirts I sleep in and made a whole new shirt! Then the white cropped top really didn't match the skirt and I hated it plain, so might as well do something hipster and sew on a cross, right?

Much much better without the skirt if you ask me! A polo would be better.
Click Read More for the tutorial!

What you need:
  • An old white shirt
  • Black fabric
  • Sewing Kit
  • Scissors
1. I cut my white shirt to look like a cropped top. I cut the sleeves out and the neckline for more cleavage. 
I forgot to take photos, but you can cut it to any way you want! 
I also cut the bottom part, the front of the shirt is shorter than its behind to make it look a bit nicer (base it on the photo) Oh, and that's the uniform's skirt that was supposed to match with the white cropped top!

2. I actually did this with another black shirt since the sleeves were too tight and the neckline choked me (it was a gift from my cousin) and plus it looked a lot better as a cropped top.
Anyway, I used to scrap fabric of that to make the cross. You can purchase your own black fabric to make the job easier, since I still had to straighten the fabric out and cut it to make it straight and all.

3. Then after I cut and sewed the black fabric together and pinned the cross to the position I want it, I start sewing!

4. After you sew and fix everything, you're now the owner of a new cropped top!
You can also create your own design by cutting different colors of fabric and different shapes to suit your taste. Much better than owning another dreary white shirt!

Way better than spending loads of money on some hipster shirt, it's a bit ugly but I made it work.
I hope you try it! Link me your versions, I would love to check that out.
See you next Saturday! :-)


  1. Great!

  2. Looks great! Thanks for sharing! The tutorial is very clear. I might make my own shirt too! Not with a cross though, due to my religion :)

    Love the shirt on you, Issa! X

    1. Haha thank you! :-)
      Aaah sorry if it offended you or anything! :-(

    2. Nooooo, you didn't offend me at all! I just don't think my mom will appreciate me walking with a big cross on my chest, when we're muslim haha! Don't worry! :) X

    3. Oh hahaha! Well that's alright, you'll be able to create an even better design than mine anyway! :-)

  3. nice job! a crop top is the perfect item for summer (unfortunately our Estonian summer sucks!). maybe I'll give it a try anyway when my holidays arrive :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. So true! So fashionable yet still comfortable~
      Really? Summer in the Philippines is literally summer, so hot and all! :-)

  4. this is great! nice job!

    1. thank you! hope you can try it! :-)


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