Hello guys!
It's been such a long time since I posted a look on Lookbook so I decided to do that and dedicate my blog post to a tutorial on levitation! (woo000oh)

That was the poncho I bought from the thrift store!
Same old denim shorts from Old Navy and new wedges from my aunt, she bought them in Payless.
These are my first set of wedges/heels so my feet were in pain when I took them off after. So I won't be wearing that for a while ha.

Anyway, click Read More for the tutorial!
Okay, so I don't use Photoshop since I think it's terribly overpriced and apart from the fact that I don't want to get it off the internet, I don't know how to download it.
So I used GIMP. It's free and just like Photoshop, except different in a way I can't explain.
If you don't have GIMP, download it off here: http://www.gimp.org/downloads/
I'm not sure if it would work on a Mac, though.

Anyway, you actually need a lot of things, depending on how you want to "float".
Either use ladders or chairs that can support your weight, then have someone or use a self timer to take a photo, like this:
Just pose like you're actually floating. It really doesn't seem like I'm floating, and I was too shy to wave my arms around and all, since as you can see, there were some people passing by and staring at me as I did this with my sister. (If you noticed, I had to cut out the end of my poncho when I was editing the photo [the end near the seat i was sitting on], so don't do that mistake guys! I still feel annoyed by what I did there.)

 This can be the first or the last thing you can do. Get a shot without you or any of the ladders and chairs. Which is why don't move the camera at all. If you do, then it may seem the same, although it won't look the best.

Okay, once you're done with that, open GIMP or Photoshop and do the following:
(This is in "GIMP language", so if you're using Photoshop then try translating it into "Photoshop's language")
1. Open both photos
2. Drop the layer of the photo of you "floating" to the layer bar of the background photo
3. Right click the layer of the photo of you floating, and click "Add layer mask". There are different kinds of layer masks that will appear in a new window, so click on "White (full opacity)".
4. Click the brush option and start brushing the background (in case both photos are uneven) and brush away the ladders, chairs, pillows, until it looks like you actually ARE floating!
5. Be satisfied and keep staring at yourself in vanity (I sure did -place guilt here-).
Sorry I couldn't post photos of me doing the actual tutorial, i get too lazy to print screen it.

And that's pretty much it! I hope you'll have time to do this for your next photo shoot or just wanna have fun!
If you did do this, show it to me!

Well I've still got loads of things to do, articles to write and homework to work on! Wish me luck, or maybe wish me someone who can do all these things for me. Have a great weekend everybody and see you next week! :-)
- Issa


  1. I was staring at your Twitter picture for so long to figure out whether you were really floating or my eyes were cheating on me! After seeing this, it all comes together haha! You've had me there for a sec
    Great tutorial, it's all very clear! And so simple! Never thought of this, though. I'd like your creative mind for coming up with this idea :)
    I don't use Photoshop either for the same reasons as you do, plus I find it more complicated than the program I use. I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro, which is basically the same, but I'm using this program since I was 12 so I'm more familiar with it :)

    Great tutorial, Issa!

    1. hahaha you never know if I can really float and I just created tat tutorial to trick you! :p
      Thank you so much! You should try it too. :-)
      I just started using GIMP a few weeks ago, which is why it's still s confusing for me! >.<

  2. to be honest I had no idea that this is the way to create those floating photos! pretty brilliant for sure, I must say ;) I bet the person in the background thought you're crazy! :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. I didn't either until I searched for some tutorials! They were too technical though, so I just leveled the "language" down a bit :p
      Yes, I bet she was wondering if I was insane or not! :p

  3. i like your blog! im following you now! if you like my blog, please follow me back!



    1. Thank you and sure! :-)

  4. love the thrifted poncho! awesome photo shopping skills! happy to follow!!

    xx, james

  5. NICE POST :) I'm a new follower. Hope you could ff back xx

    1. thanks and sure thing! :-)


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