Two weeks! Sorry for another hiatus.
I went to Tagaytay (somewhere in the north where everything's so cold!) to visit my aunt's house in construction. And the idiot that I am, I brought my camera but left the batteries charging at home. My mom went down to see the progress of construction while my sister and I were sleeping in the car with the aircon open since it was raining and we couldn't put the windows down.

After that, we went thrifting! I bought some clothes I like, here's what I bought:
The pictures you'll be seeing are really low quality because I was in a rush and I'm a very mediocre person this week! Rush apology is stated here wheeeee!

I have an idea on what to do with this tie dyed shirt! 
Either cut it to a cropped top or keep it this way, what do you think?
PRICE = $1.18 or 50 PHP

My mom showed this poncho to me while I was hogging the electric fan, it was way too hot in that area!
She told me we can share it, and I really liked the print in the middle, so we bought it.
PRICE = $1.18 or 50 PHP

I fall in love with any kinds of polos and this is no exception! I like checkered long sleeved polos so I had to buy this!
PRICE = $1.18 or 50 PHP

This is one of the BEST things I've ever bought! If you felt this in real life, you'd like to cuddle with it forever.
It's made of cashmere and silk, it's really soft and I love these kinds of sweaters. It's so soft and if you asked me about it personally, I'll never stop yakking about it and might just shove this sweater on your face for proof!
PRICE = $0.24 or 10 PHP (A STEAL!!)

TOTAL = Roughly $3.78 or 160 PHP
Wow. I didn't expect to spend this little when I went in that thrift store. I don't get why some people hate thrifting and want the brands because the brand doesn't make you stylish, it's the way you wear your clothes.

Definitely going back to Tagaytay with loads of money, they have the best thrift stores and food. YES, their food is amazing! I wish I took some pictures but again, my brainless head forgot the battery. Their burgers, bacon, hot chocolate! I can just imagine now.

Expect more DIY projects and I'll be showing you that levitating trick!
If you'd like, suggest more things I should post and how to improve my blog.
Thanks! :-)



  1. Finally a new post after two weeks! Haha love your haul! You bought some awesome things and you spent so little. That's the way I like it! Can't wait on your DIY posts :)

    1. Hahaha yeah, I just realized it's been two weeks!
      That's the way everyone likes it, I hope I get to visit the thrift stores again! c:

  2. Nice haul! I love getting a ton of stuff for very little! I'm excited to see your levitation post, haha :)


    1. Thanks! Same here, especially when I'm on a budget, which is everyday >.<

  3. woow i wish the things here was just as good and cheap!
    just followed ya on lookbook and your blog, hope you'll do the same!

    love, Cherub

    1. How much is it there? :-)
      Thanks, I will! :-)

  4. i did a lot of shopping this week too!

    xoxo, Amy

    1. Awesome! Bet you found some great stuff! :-)

  5. Great items :) I'm following you now :)

  6. Hey :)

    Really like your blog!

    Maybe we could follow each other? :D
    I follow you now!

    My fashion blog :)

    1. Thank you! Sure thing :-)

  7. Hey

    I Like Your Blog and so I'm following it now.. :-)

    hope you do the same for me :-)

  8. great blog! found you on lookbook :) I'm following you now ♥
    would you be interested in winning a blog presentation?
    Just stop by here:

    dahi ♥


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