I FINALLY got to see the DSLR! My dad got it last Monday, but I only got to see it Tuesday night because I was in Tagaytay with my mom.
It's so pretty! Still can't believe I own one! :-)
I'm still having a nosebleed with the adjustments and all, but I'll live and read the manual.
I can't wait to try it out, because when I was testing it this morning, the shots were so clear and I kept squealing every time a sound comes when I click.
I don't know if that made sense but alright haha
Whoop I look so dark.

Expect loads of more pictures soon!


  1. OMG! I want to own a camera like this too!I'm saving for it,nice camera!

    1. I bet you'll be owning a higher model later on! :-)

  2. The first time is always the most memorable! congrats lady, it's such a fine camera,
    I'm sure you two will be veryyy happy together ;)
    love it

    1. Very much agree on that! Thank you!
      I sure will be very very happy tinkering with it! Finally something to do during summer, right? haha :-)


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